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Stand 5453

Topsystem at Airport Show Dubai 2016: international expansion to the Middle East and 20 years’ experience on the aviation market

A few months ago topsystem Systemhaus GmbH celebrated its 20th birthday. During these past two decades the company has grown, advanced, adapted to the ever changing aviation market and provided many state-of-the-art solutions for its customers. This year the company has taken another important step towards an international presence on the market. As part of the E+P Group, topsystem has opened a new subsidiary in Dubai.

Dubai attracts international IT and logistics companies like a magnet because of its strategic location and paves the way to realizing new business deals and reaching customers across the entire Mid East. topsystem has already successfully completed numerous projects in the airport and warehouse logistics business and has established a very good reputation in the region. National Aviation Services (NAS) Kuwait, dnata Dubai and Qatar Aviation Services are some of the company’s notable references in the Middle East. The new subsidiary near Dubai airport allows topsystem to provide its customers with improved consultation services and even better support.

Ground and cargo handling solutions

The company's business branch topsystem Aviation provides efficient IT systems for both core areas of the airport business: ground handling and cargo handling. Ground Handling System (GHS) is a versatile, completely web-based IT solution specially developed for the requirements of ground handling companies. Once installed at a central location, the system can be operated with a simple web browser via Intra- or Internet from any number of different stations. This concept ensures that all stations and business departments work with unique and identical data and software, allowing seamless online co-operation between headquarters and branches, even in different countries.

Also included are many versatile interfaces to external systems or other file formats, allowing to import, for example external flight schedule data from national ATCs or airlines, IATA/ AFTN messages and much more. Thus, the relevant data for all stations is kept up-to-date yet without any redundancies.

The GHS is a complete all-rounder, equipped with not only different interfaces, but also with a modular structure that offers software solutions for the complete chain of processes in ground handling from contract management and flight scheduling up to service recording and invoicing. This allows for a noticeable optimization of actual work processes: for example handling contracts can be created with an extremely high degree of flexibility, many steps in the process are performed automatically by the system, and extra services provided in handling procedures can be comfortably recorded with mobile computers right on the spot without time delays or additional paperwork. This way GHS ensures a comfortable, efficient and error-free working, suitable for every specific need and preference.

As a specialized IT provider for airports, airlines and ground handlers, topsystem has naturally also always had contact to the airfreight handling business. Thus, when more and more voices demanding a modern, up-to-date airfreight management system could be heard from this market, topsystem decided to tackle the issue with a fresh approach. The Electronic Cargo Handling & Operations System (ECHOS) covers all aspects in operational shipment flow as well as the commercial processing of rendered cargo handling services. This applies to exports, imports as well as to the handling and processing of documents.

In order to create an ideal foundation for the integration of all work processes, the Electronic Cargo Handling & Operations System was based completely on web technology as common with all topsystem applications. This concept allows the interaction of any web-capable devices from desktop PCs to scanners and tablet computers which supports the objective of largely paperless operations and thus improves the economic efficiency. And what’s more, a central database guarantees the work with unambiguous real-time data from goods receipt to warehouse and load area and anywhere in between. In this regard, the latest release of topsystem’s Ground Handling System (GHS) offered not only the ideal technical backbone, but also already featured flexible commercial modules which could be easily adapted to the payment of services provided by cargo handlers.

As with all other software products in the aviation business, a special emphasis was put on the flexibility of the ECHOS. In addition to coverage of all common standard procedures – integration with messaging systems (e.g. IATA load messaging, IMP, XML etc.), handling of (e-)AWB, warehouse management, build up & breakdown procedures, just to name a few – copious options to adapt the software tools to individual requirements are available. The flexible concept even ideally supports the interfacing to widely differing partners like shipping companies or national customs offices.

Presence at the Dubai Airport Show 2016

Among other things, topsystem will present both GHS and ECHOS solutions at the Dubai Airport Show 2016 from May 9 to 11. Jörg Riermeier, Director Sales and Project Management, Matthias Spirat, Head of Cargo Development, and Marco Ehrhardt, Managing Director of Ehrhardt + Partner Group, will be available as contact persons at the German Pavilion, booth 5453 for customers or interested visitors.

International network of the E+P Group

In addition to its new subsidiary in Dubai, topsystem is already represented in Germany, the USA, Great Britain, Russia, and China. This provides a seamless integration of the company into the international network of the E+P Group and enables topsystem to continue to expand its activities within the scope of the group. E+P has been established in Dubai since 2006, which makes it possible to develop significant synergies for the airport business.

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topsystem Systemhaus GmbH

Monnetstraße 24

52146 Würselen


Phone: +49 (0) 2405 / 46 70 0

Email: aviation@topsystem.de


Stand 5453

The Ehrhardt + Partner Group - Leading international Experts in Warehouse Logistics

The Ehrhardt + Partner Group has become one of the leading experts in warehouse logistics at an international level. Founded in 1987, Ehrhardt + Partner has developed into an internationally active group of companies with more than 450 employees. The supply chain execution system LFS is currently being used successfully across five continents. Together with the subsidiaries, Ehrhardt + Partner offers integrated total solutions for warehouse logistics from one source. Conceived for a professional use in practice, all products are subject to ongoing development to keep them at the highest standard. This is why the products distinguish themselves with a very high level of quality offering the customer security for the future and their investments. The supply chain execution system LFS includes all the modules companies require for comprehensively controlling their logistics challenges: warehouse management system LFS.wms, material flow controller LFS.mfc, transportation management solutions LFS.tms, Pick Manager LFS.pm for efficient, voice-controlled order picking, as well as data radio solutions, logistics planning and consulting, hosting and cloud services, client-specific custom solutions, and warehouse seminars offered at the LFS.academy. More than 450 clients worldwide value the in-depth consulting services on warehousing, extensive expert knowledge in warehouse logistics, professional project management, short project durations, precisely scheduled commissioning, as well as a solid technical support.

Over recent years, Ehrhardt + Partner has steadily evolved from a software system provider in the area of warehouse management to a leading provider of a supply chain execution system for the logistics industry. Right from the beginning, E+P has oriented towards the requirements of practice for developing new solutions and services. This way, the company was able to set the benchmark and define standards in warehouse logistics at a very early stage. An ongoing development of the modularly designed warehouse management system and the targeted deployment of the latest technologies have been decisive for the company’s success. More than 40 million picks are carried out across the globe on a daily basis, using the LFS supply chain execution system.

Truck Driver app links warehouse and road

The Truck Driver app from Ehrhardt + Partner (E+P) brings mobility to logistics outside the warehouse: As a function of the latest version 8 of the LFS warehouse control system, the warehouse experts are marketing a solution that provides crucial support to truck drivers on their daily routes. All order data, the navigation along the optimum route as well as the order progress are simply displayed on the mobile terminal device, for example on a smartphone or tablet. It is no longer necessary to purchase expensive special hardware. Data are transferred via LFS directly from the warehouse to the app.

The Truck Driver app from E+P networks warehouse and roads in an intelligent way. Orders which were recorded at the warehouse are transferred to the mobile device and into the app in real time, making all data for the transport accessible with one click. The Truck Driver app automatically guides the user through the different actions of a route, such as navigating to the individual delivery points. The app documents the progress of each route and sends all information back to the LFS in real time – this constant exchange clearly reduces the administrative work for handling routes by omitting paper-bound documentation. It also avoids unnecessary waiting times at the loading dock.

Easy integration of third-party processes

The Truck Driver app runs on all Android operating systems and will soon also be available for iOS devices. This also allows the cost-efficient integration of external service providers into internal logistics processes via smartphone and tablet. The app reduces the cost and effort for all parties involved in the value chain. The Truck Driver app also serves its purpose without an internet connection: The driver can create digital receipts and document broken and defective goods.

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Ehrhardt + Partner GmbH & Co. KG

Alte Roemerstrasse 3

56154 Boppard-Buchholz


Phone: +49 67 42 87 27 0

Email: info@ehrhardt-partner.com


EPS - Ehrhardt + Partner Solutions DWC-LLC

Dubai Logistics City

Box 644300 Dubai

United Arab Emirates


Phone: (+971) 4-87 01 000

Email: info@ehrhardt-partner.ae



Swiss Pavillon

Skyguide swiss air navigation services ltd. at Dubai Airport Show 2016

Skyguide offers innovative and customized, single-source solutions for both civil and military customers seeking to complete or enhance their in-house capabilities in their safety, capacity and efficiency endeavours.

Skyguide has 1500 employees with over 560 civil and military air traffic controllers. Over 300 engineers, technicians and IT-Experts are responsible for the development and maintenance of the complex technical installations and facilities. Operators of aeronautical data manage the necessary information to assure a smooth continuation of the air traffic. Other experts are in charge of the planning and development. In addition, there's the administrative staff and the numerous instructors at the skyguide training center, who are in charge of training the personnel in the operations.

We put our strength in managing complexity to your advantage. Our broad technological and cross-cultural background, built on our extensive experience, provides us with well-known competence in operations, engineering and technical services, training as well as business solutions in air navigation services.

We are responsible for Switzerland’s air traffic management, for both civil and military operations, in one of Europe’s most dense and complex airspaces. Since 1932, and now with more than 80 years of innovation, we have acquired enormous experience in this field. Using the resulting know-how, we have developed a number of services to create value for our customers in the aviation industry.

Whether you are an airport, airline or ANSP, skyguide has a wealth of expertise to help you meet challenge.

We provide solutions to important issues faced by the aviation industry around the world, and have built our reputation on delivering a first-rate, safe and efficient service.

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Skyguide swiss air navigation services ltd.

Flugsicherungsstrasse 1-5, CH-8602 Wangen



Phone: +41 43 931 65 77

Email: solutions@skyguide.ch


Stand 4401

DATA MODUL/CONRAC @ Airport Show 2016

New Name, New Location & New Products

At this year’s Airport Show in Dubai, there’s quite a lot of news to talk about:

First there is the new company name. As part of the German DATA MODUL group of companies since 1998, CONRAC MENA FZE will be operating under the name of DATA MODUL FZE as of April 2016. CONRAC remains as brand name for the information systems business. Of course, the offices and more importantly the persons to contact remain unchanged.

Equally new is the location at the show on the German Pavilion.

Surely more interesting are the latest product innovations to be showcased in Dubai:

From a high brightness chassis display, CONRAC’s Narrow Bezel Protected and Dust-Proof Series to a highly robust and extra bright outdoor screen along with the latest electronics options there will be a comprehensive overview of the product portfolio.

Eye-catching highlights of DATA MODUL’s presentation are two large screen high brightness displays:

The brand-new and extra robust CONRAC 55” Real Outdoor Display was specially developed for signage, kiosk and advertising applications in very critical environmental conditions. Coming with a brightness level of more than 2.500cd/m² the CONRAC 7955 Real Outdoor can still be operated at an ambient temperature of 50°C. The special bonding between the TFT panel and laminated safety glass ensures best visibility and low reflection even in full sunshine.

The greatest challenge in the development of real outdoor displays is the operating temperature of such devices, especially in combination with high brightness displays driven under full load.

This problem was solved with an innovative integrated cooling technology, so that the real outdoor displays can be operated at environmental conditions of 50°C and direct sunlight without even dimming the backlight. This allows for new applications involving extreme ambient conditions such as visual docking guidance or at rail, tram and bus stops. Additionally, the existing intelligent heating system of the Advanced Protected series was further developed and enables operating temperatures down to -30°C. The entire unit is IP65 protected and features a watertight and fine dust resistant sealing. Avoidance of external elements like fans or filters makes the device maintenance free.

The new fully integrated 75inch high brightness Chassis Display provides a display area of almost twice the size of a 55” screen: With a screen diagonal of 75” (192cm), the new CONRAC 6275 PD Chassis is ideally suited for the display of arrival and departure information. The 6275 PD uses a professional high-quality full HD D-LED (Direct-LED) panel offering outstanding image quality. A real eye-catcher: Extremely crisp and brilliant image performance on active screen dimensions of 1650 x 928mm at a typical brightness of 2500 cd/m² and a typical contrast ratio of 5000:1.

The chassis-version is designed for easy integration in stylish totems or other housings. Depending on the casing, the display can be used in indoor or outdoor applications. The large screen high brightness display is supplied with DATA MODUL’s sophisticated display electronics. Other electronic options, for example the integration of high performance IPCs (Industrial PCs) can be realised on request.

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Landsberger Str. 322

D-80687 Munich


Phone: +49-89-56017-0


Stand 4601

NAS Airport Technologies (NASAT) at Airport Show Dubai 2016

NAS Airport Technologies (NASAT) specializes in the sourcing and development of airport technology solutions and services. With Award Winning Technology solutions, and World Class Operational Experience at more than 15 International Airports, NASAT brings its clients unrivalled benefits and opportunities.

Revenue Generation, Cost Reduction, Improved Passenger Experience, SLA Monitoring & Compliance are distinguishing values of NASAT portfolio which includes the following systems:

1. Operation Command Center (for Ground Handlers)

2. Turnaround Coordinator (TRC) / Dispatcher Application

3. Lounge Management

4. Meet & Greet service management

5. Lost Luggage Management

6. Flight Information Display System (FIDS)

7. Management Reporting Dashboards

8. Mobile Phone Applications

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NAS Airport Technologies

Area Road 55 - P.O. Box 301, Farwaniya

81014, Kuwait


Phone: +965 1 842 842

Email: info@nasat.aero


Visit Aviation Technology at Dubai Airport Show 2016 - stand 5602


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