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Topsystem Systemhaus GmbH

Topsystem offers modular IT solutions for airports and ground handling companies. Core of our systems are an extensive AODB (Airport Operational Database) and a message broker for establishing and data exchange between almost any system used at airports. Operative modules include seasonal and daily flight scheduling, contract management, service recording and invoicing , a comprehensive aeronatical billing system and much more. Our solutions are in operation at more than 120 stations worldwide

topsystem Systemhaus GmbH - Monnetstr. 24D-52146 Wuerselen - Germany
(+49) 2408 46700
(+49) 2408 467010
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Company Profile

topsystem Systemhaus GmbH is a solution provider for IT-supported electronic operating processes. Since 1995, the company develops process optimization solutions for industry branches such as aviation and logistics. In addition to standardized IT products, topsystem also offers customized IT solutions. The core of the company's range of services is hardware and software solutions that were subject to thorough in-house developments. In the area of aviation this includes Ground Handling System (GHS) and Electronic Cargo Handling & Operations System (ECHOS). Comprehensive process consultation and after sales service complete the product range.

All topsystem solutions are based on sophisticated Web technology allowing both data and software to be installed on a central server where it can be accessed company-wide via Intra- or Internet. This IT backbone is an ideal basis for seamless co-operation between all business branches and multiple locations of internationally active companies. The operational software modules cover seasonal and daily flight scheduling, contract management, service planning and recording, billing, cargo management, and much more.

The company's services are based on profound engineering know-how and extensive industry knowledge that spans over many years. With a staff of more than 100 members and several branch offices in Germany, the US and Great Britain, as well as representations in China and Russia, topsystem has established a global distribution network and has integration partners located worldwide. With software operating at more than 130 stations worldwide, topsystem GmbH is one of the market leaders in IT systems for ground handlers, airports and cargo handlers.


The company topsytsem Systemhaus GmbH offers complete solutions for Airports, Ground Handlers and Cargo Handlers. Each solution is modularly structured and can be adapted to the preferences and needs of the individual customer.

Ground Handling System

For ground handling companies and airports, topsystem offers the Ground Handling System (GHS) for comprehensive IT integration and operational control.

GHS is completely web-based. It features a centrally installed database (e.g. at a headquarters) as well as a centrally installed software server. From any location, the software can be accessed and operated with a simple web browser via Intra- or Internet. This concept ensures that all stations and business departments work with unique and identical data and software allowing seamless online co-operation between headquarters and any number of stations, even in different countries.

Also included are many versatile interfaces to external systems or other file formats, allowing importing, for example, external flight schedule data from national ATCs or airlines, IATA/AFTN messages and much more. Thus, the relevant data for all stations is always kept up-to-date yet without any redundancies.

The system is modularly structured and offers software solutions for the complete chain of processes in ground handling from contract management and flight scheduling up to service recording and invoicing. It consists of the following core modules:

//GHS-Db: Central database (DB) and master data management
//GHS-MessageBroker: Interfaces and information distribution
//GHS-Rights: Access and user rights management


Cargo Handling System

With the Electronic Cargo Handling & Operations System (ECHOS) topsystem has developed a solution allowing air freight handlers to benefit from reasonably priced yet efficient software that can be custom-tailored according to individual requirements and budgets. The modular, scalable system offers a wide range of options for efficiency increase in the many cargo-related work processes as well as for the reduction of unnecessary costs.

ECHOS is based on Web technology and modern open standards like XML and Java. Both software and database are installed on a single, central server. All necessary client devices are connected to the system by standard or wireless network technology. This guarantees that all instruments from back office computers to integrated special units like scales, X-ray etc. and even mobile tablets work with an identical system as well as uniform real-time data.

ECHOS allows combining this powerful technical backbone with a multitude of modular software tools and apps exactly according to the individual requirements you have in regard to your business processes in air freight handling.

The major benefits from implementing ECHOS in your business processes are:

// managing your processes in physical and document handling
// using mobile applications to ensure your dataflow and fulfill security standards
// ensure your revenue with our billing module and achieve transparency with Bi-Reporting.



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