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Jul 12, 2015

MicroStep-MIS operates worldwide and has 20 years of experiences in the field of meteorology. The company is specialised in the development...

Ehrhardt + Partner Group offers integrated solutions for warehouse logistics. All solutions are subject to ongoing development to keep them at the...

ERA a.s.

Mar 15, 2011

ERA is a world leader in next-generation surveillance and flight tracking solutions with proven multilateration and ADS-B (Automatic Dependent...

Topsystem offers modular IT solutions for airports and ground handling companies. Core of our systems are an extensive AODB (Airport Operational...

Jetex UAE

Jul 12, 2015

Jetex was announced at the Dubai Airshow in the year 2005. Jetex has over 10 years of experience in supporting global operations with over...

  Skyguide is the Swiss air navigation service provider. We are responsible for Switzerland’s air traffic management, for...


Dec 8, 2015

INFONAV is a turnkey digital media and IT service provider.  We provide professional digital contents and marketing solutions for...


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SACS Aerospace GmbH & CO.KG

Success - with an impressive range of products SACS was founded in 2002 as a system specialist in production of fastening and connecting parts. The product spectrum after eleven years of experience contains: Fasteners, Nuts, Inserts, Washers, Bolts, Screws Manufacturing and development of standard parts Latches Struts Tie-rods Special mechanisms Business Jet hardware and equipment Boysen was founded in 1967 and belongs to the SACS Aerospace Group since 2006. Boysen produces washers and several nuts for the metric market. Its main business is the distribution of Aerospace Metric Fasteners with one of the worlds largest stock containing over 12.000 different parts for the aerospace market and an AOG Service. Main products are standard hardware including ABS, AN, ASNA, ASNE, CAN, DIN, DOLN, HST, LgN, LN, MBBN, MS, NAS, NSA, PAN, SO, EN, NfL, Drawing Parts, TAN as well as parts for the interior of aircrafts. SACS Boysen Aerospace U.S. Inc. was founded in 2012 in Dallas, USA at the DFW Airport. The main business is the purchasing and distribution of Aerospace products in the USA. Furthermore we have our own sales offices in Great Britain and France and are therefore able to offer a perfect customer service.
Stuttgarter Strasse 58 78628 Rottweil Germany
+49 (741) 94 2002-200
+49 (741) 94 2002-290
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