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Ehrhardt + Partner Group offers integrated solutions for warehouse logistics. All solutions are subject to ongoing development to keep them at the...


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EPS - Ehrhardt + Partner Solutions DWC-LLC

Ehrhardt + Partner Group offers integrated solutions for warehouse logistics. All solutions are subject to ongoing development to keep them at the highest standard.
Our solutions and products distinguish themselves with a very high level of quality, offering the customer security for their current and future investments. The solution and product range of the E+P Group includes the warehouse management system LFS.wms, Pick-by-Voice and paper free picking using wireless devices, as well as warehouse design and logistics consultancy.


Dubai Logistics City, P.O. Box 644300 Dubai, UAE
United Arab Emirates
(+971) 4-87 01 00 0
(+971) 4-87 01 05 0
Web Site
Company Profile

The Ehrhardt + Partner Group has become one of the leading experts in warehouse logistics at an international level. Founded in 1987, Ehrhardt + Partner has developed into an internationally active group of companies with more than 450 employees. The supply chain execution system LFS is currently being used successfully across five continents. Together with the subsidiaries, Ehrhardt + Partner offers integrated total solutions for warehouse logistics from one source. Conceived for a professional use in practice, all products are subject to ongoing development to keep them at the highest standard. This is why the products distinguish themselves with a very high level of quality offering the customer security for the future and their investments. The supply chain execution system LFS includes all the modules companies require for comprehensively controlling their logistics challenges: warehouse management system LFS.wms, material flow controller LFS.mfc, transportation management solutions LFS.tms, Pick Manager LFS.pm for efficient, voice-controlled order picking, as well as data radio solutions, logistics planning and consulting, hosting and cloud services, client-specific custom solutions, and warehouse seminars offered at the LFS.academy. More than 450 clients worldwide value the in-depth consulting services on warehousing, extensive expert knowledge in warehouse logistics, professional project management, short project durations, precisely scheduled commissioning, as well as a solid technical support.

Over recent years, Ehrhardt + Partner has steadily evolved from a software system provider in the area of warehouse management to a leading provider of a supply chain execution system for the logistics industry. Right from the beginning, E+P has oriented towards the requirements of practice for developing new solutions and services. This way, the company was able to set the benchmark and define standards in warehouse logistics at a very early stage. An ongoing development of the modularly designed warehouse management system and the targeted deployment of the latest technologies have been decisive for the company’s success. More than 40 million picks are carried out across the globe on a daily basis, using the LFS supply chain execution system.



With its supply chain execution system LFS, the Ehrhardt + Partner group offers clients and interested parties a solution for cross-functional control of all logistics processes. This includes the following products and solutions:

LFS.wms – Warehouse management system LFS

Based on the comprehensive logistic know-how and the long-time practical experience from more than 800 successfully implemented warehouse sites, E+P has developed the warehouse management system LFS. This system monitors all warehousing processes, coordinates them intelligently and automatically controls the deployment of all warehouse resources such as employees, storage locations and materials handling systems. In addition, the extremely safe solution allows a permanent transparency of all processes in the manual and automated storage units.


Logistics planning and consulting

Besides warehouse planning concepts based on the customer’s requirements, E+P offers sound consulting expertise in the domains of hard and software selection, warehouse equipment, material flow and process management as well as warehouse restructuring. From the first idea across strategy development and implementation support to the completed realization, E+P is an experienced partner. One main activity of the group is the safe, timely and on-budget modernization of manual and automated storage units. Together with the subsidiaries, E+P realizes complex warehouse modernizations reliably and safely.


LFS.tsc – Technical Solution Center

The Technical Solution Center (TSC) offers comprehensive service and support for warehouse hardware and IT infrastructure at the company’s own repair and service center. The Ehrhardt + Partner Group as a certified topsystem Lydia Solution Partner, Motorola Channel Partner, and Vocollect Voice Total Solution Provider fulfills the highest quality standards and requirements in the areas of development, integration, and support of data radio solutions.
Depending on individual service and support requirements, the Center’s services also include uninterrupted replacement service, in addition to maintenance and timely repairs. Over 90 percent of incoming repair orders leave the Repair Center within 24 hours and are often back in operation at the client’s facilities by the next day.


RFID technology

Already years ago, E+P has integrated RFID technology in the logistic processes of the warehouse management system LFS. The transponder technology is part of the standard modules of the warehouse management software and is always available for the customers of the software expert. In addition, the E+P subsidiary ITL (Institute for Technical Solutions in Logistics) offers the option of checking the possible use of RFID in the customer’s environment within the frame of a feasibility study.


LFS.tms – Transportation Management Solutions

The LFS.tms line of products includes the modules of Freight Cost and Freight Capacity Calculation, Shipment Tracking (Log Trace), Transit Management, Precalculation of Shipping Containers, and Yard Management. The modules of Online Tour Handling and Tour Planning add to this solution. LFS.tms speeds up, simplifies, and optimizes all areas of the goods delivery process. Starting with the assignment of orders to a suitable vehicle, to making provisions for the maximum loading capacity, and all the way to planning the ideal route for each vehicle: LFS.tms calculates the best possible solution for each case or situation.


LFS.cloud – cloud and hosting solutions

E+P supports their customers in handling and operating the warehouse management system LFS and the according IT infrastructure. Besides hosting the warehouse management system LFS and managed services, the range of services also includes comprehensive ASP solutions.


LFS.mfc – Material Flow Controller

In the domain of material flow controllers, the range of services includes a high-quality software offer for the manufacturer-independent connection of automated storage units and materials handling technology as well as the replacement of old material flow computers (also with missing documentation for the existing installations).


LFS.academy – Logistics Training and Seminars

It is important to qualify warehouse staff for new tasks and requirements, especially when switching to a new warehouse management system, providing induction training for new employees, or installing new technologies or software systems. With its 900 square meter LFS.academy (approx. 10,000 square feet), the IAW Institute for Applied Warehouse Logistics--which is part of the E+P group--offers ideal conditions for professional warehouse training sessions and seminars in Europe. For the Middle East, EPS – Ehrhardt + Partner Solutions DWC-LLC has established an additional Logistics Solutions Center in Dubai.



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