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4th Annual Southeast Asia Airport Expansion Summit Pre-event news

posted on Sep 15, 2015

29th - 30th September 2015, Intercontinental Westlake,Hanoi, Vietnam

Southeast Asia’s large population, rapidly expanding middle class and booming economies provide perfect ingredients for rising investment and demand in air travel, both locally and internationally. The rapid growth of aviation in the region has resulted in a wide range of current as well as planned investments in all sectors of the industry by governments, airlines, and other aviation companies totaling billions of dollars.

Lnoppen’s 4th Annual South East Asia Airport Expansion Summit will feature prominent industry leaders and government officials from across the region providing informative and inspiring discussions to discover new strategies and technologies that can assist in building a state-of-the-art airport infrastructure, to strengthen the airport development through international cooperation, to share the know how to improve and enhance safety culture and to learn from the global operating experience.

Keeping all this in perspective, this Summit will cover:
• Overview of Airport Expansion in Southeast Asian Market
• Airlines & Airports Working Together to Meet Capital Infrastructure Needs
• Securing the Financing you need for your Airport
• M&A Activity in the Airport Industry
• Developing International Airport Partnerships to support the Growth of Southeast Asian Airports
• Ground Handling: Integrating Customer Service, Technology,& Business Practices
• Airport Development Strategies: Enhancing Economic and Community Growth
• Airport City Development Trends and Keys for Sustainable Growth
• Airport Planning as a Concept to Improve The Profitability of Loss Making Airports
• Low Cost Carriers’ Impact on Terminals
• Closeout Projects – Finishing the Job

Hear from experts themselves and keep yourself abreast with emerging industry trends. Below are some of the topics to be with experts’ details:
• Major Airport Developments - The Finance Life-Cycle by Tony Middleton Managing Director , Periploi Aviation , Asia Pacific
• Application BIM for Airport Infrastructures Management in Vietnam by Nguyen Phu Hai Chairman, Airport Engineering Consultancy & Services Joint Stock Company(A.E.C) 
• General development tendency of Int’l & Domestic Air Cargo Terminal in Viet Nam in corporating with development of Airports” by Nguyen Quoc Dung General Director, Pioneer Management Investment Corporation (PMIJSC)
• Airport design as key driver for sustainable airport operations by Simon Lotter Regional Sales Director, Munich Airport 
• MARA Asia Aerospace City in Kuala Lumpur by Ian Milne Senior Design Director, Atkins .


Press Contact


Alan Shen

Marketing Manager | Noppen 

Tel: Direct: +86 21 6085 1000| Email: alans@noppen.com.cn 




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