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FAST Global Solutions Unveils European Dolly at inter airport Europe

posted on Oct 7, 2015

GLENWOOD, Minn., USA (Oct. 7, 2015) – FAST Global Solutions, formerly known as WASP Inc., announces the production of a new side-tow European Dolly. The innovative transporter features a patent-pending pivoting front towbar designed to increase safety and maneuverability. FAST engineers incorporated a foot-activated, quick-release mechanism that easily unlocks the towbar, allowing it to pivot right or left to connect to a tug or another dolly. Once transport begins and the towbar straightens, the mechanism automatically locks the towbar into a straight position for towing. 


FAST Global Solutions, the world’s largest manufacturer of non-powered ground support equipment introduced the industry-leading unit Oct. 6–9 at booth 1487 during inter airport Europe in Munich. 


“Our skilled team of engineers sought to eliminate problems airline and air cargo companies face on the tarmac. The result is our one-of-a-kind European Dolly, which provides workers maximum control of the dolly’s movement without the strain that comes with traditional designs,” said Dane Anderson, FAST Global Solutions president and CEO. “Our ergonomic European Dolly contributes to reduced workers’ compensation claims for companies.”


With traditional dollies, workers must maneuver the entire dolly to line up its towbar with the hitch on a tug or another dolly, which is a physical challenge even when a dolly is empty. Being able to quickly unlock the towbar and move just that component, rather than the platform, significantly reduces time and effort.


“When that dolly is loaded with containers or pallets, the risk of injury increases,” Anderson said. “Our partners around the world remain heavily focused on safety concerns, and it’s important to us to reduce those risks by not only meeting CE, SAE and OSHA standards but also addressing their operation-specific safety concerns.”


The 353-by-259-centimeter (139-by-102-inch) European Dolly has a 6,800-kilogram (15,000-pound) capacity with the versatility to carry LD-2, LD-3, LD-4 and LD-11 containers, as well as two LD-2 or LD-3 containers at a time. The dolly also supports half pallets, 224-by-318-centimeter (88-by-125-inch) pallets and 244-by-318-centimeter (96-by-125-inch) pallets. Built-in vertical restraints and pallet stops provide maximum surface area for locking cargo in place. 


FAST designed the dolly with the European and Middle Eastern markets in mind. It builds the European Dolly with premium components, specialized manufacturing equipment and welds by certified welders. The company also conducts rigorous quality testing, such as pulling the dolly across a washboard track, to ensure the durability that will help customers achieve the lowest total cost of ownership in the GSE industry. 


The dolly’s heavy-duty steel frame, Grade 5 zinc hardware and 34 galvanized steel rollers provide maximum stability for cargo transportation. The heavy-duty rollers, which are coated with Zinc Flo-Coat® tubing to prevent rusting, provide optimal ULD base support. Sealed bearings minimize maintenance and maximize the unit’s life. Similar components in other FAST dollies result in units being used for 20-30 years, before being replaced with more modern designs. 


A dual-spring-loaded towbar on the dolly decreases the risk of it hitting the ground when dropped, preventing foot injuries and towbar damage. And the towbar-actuated rear-wheel brakes are applied in the towbar’s stowed up position or unhooked to ensure stops. 


The European Dolly features a hot-dip galvanized finish to protect the dolly from corrosion in harsh environments and maintain a clean, new look for years. 


FAST increased its capacity by 60 percent this past year, growing to more than 46,500 square meters (500,000 square feet) of workspace and 700 employees. With more space, employee-owners and state-of-the-art machinery, it can complete purchase orders, including for the new European Dolly, in five to eight weeks. FAST also has the space to stock GSE for immediate shipment.    


FAST Global Solutions changed its name from WASP Inc. in September 2015 to reflect its growth, which included merging with the Windom, Minnesota-based FAST Manufacturing. Now, the company provides solutions from six Midwestern U.S. facilities and a Europe warehouse. 


About FAST Global Solutions

FAST Global Solutions, formerly known as WASP Inc., is a 100 percent employee-owned organization that designs and manufactures standard and customized non-powered ground support equipment with the lowest total cost of ownership for customers around the world. The company’s employee owners are a driving force behind the quality of its products, dedication to safety and commitment to creating reliable solutions. Its custom industrial design processes, ISO-controlled lean manufacturing practices and premier components ensure FAST equipment is easy to maintain and lasts for years. For more information: 20631 State Highway 55, Glenwood, MN 56334, 320-634-5726, www.fastsolutions.com (pending; information still available at www.waspinc.com)www.facebook.com/waspequipment, twitter.com/waspequip, linked in.com/company/wasp-inc- and www.youtube.com/channel/UCjzLXFF6z46-rslqa4WbfHw


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