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Sustainably produced hydraulic components

posted on Mar 3, 2015

VOSS Fluid GmbH is a supplier of hydraulic connection technology. We spoke with Marco Schawohl, Division Manager Marketing, about corporate responsibility, ecological benchmarks and the in-house electroplating equipment.

Editorial team: Mr Schawohl, please introduce your company briefly.

Schawohl: VOSS Fluid is one of the world's leading suppliers of hydraulic connection technology. We focus on application-specific system solutions for tube connections in stationary and mobile hydraulics. These include cutting ring couplings, tube forming systems and flange connections, amongst other products. We offer our customers all services from a single source – from project planning and engineering via production and assembly to economic logistics services.

Editorial team: How do you realize sustainable values?

Schawohl: Sustainability is a central topic for our company. Our projects are shaped with vision. Besides business success, we also look at social and ecological benefits in everything we do. This begins with the overriding strategic and operative targets and ends with each individual employee acting responsibly.

Editorial team: Please illustrate this with a concrete example.

Schawohl: We have developed an extremely high-quality surface for our tube couplings: the corrosion protection VOSS coat. To achieve this quality level, we have even invested in a new electroplating equipment at our head office in Wipperfürth. This is one of the most modern such installations in Europe. Thanks to processes optimally configured to our needs, we are able to attain perfect surface results in production. It also allows us to comply with the highest ecological standards – for environmental protection as well as for energy and resource efficiency.

Editorial team: What results have you achieved?

Schawohl: All emissions such as air, water and noise are far below the specified limit values. Instead of potable water, we exclusively use industrial process water. Another important aspect: We save more than 490 MWh each year thanks to the energy-efficient plant. That corresponds to an annual electricity consumption of around 160 residential units. We also restrict the use of chemicals to the absolute minimum necessary. This is achieved by using automated dosing pumps, amongst other reduction measures. In addition to this, the employees in our two-story electroplating installation work completely separated from the fully-automatic controlled process conveyors.

Editorial team: Are people becoming increasingly aware of sustainability, in your opinion?

Schawohl: The subject has certainly gained importance, but still offers a great deal of potential. As far as I am concerned, one of the most important tasks is to implement sustainability strategies across the board in business and society. The VOSS Company Group has long pursued this important path.


Editorial team: Mr. Schawohl, thank you for this interesting talk.


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Date:            March 3, 2015


Image 1:       Marco Schawohl, Division Manager Marketing at VOSS Fluid GmbH

Image 2:       One of Europe's most state-of-the-art electroplating installations is in Wipperfürth


About VOSS Fluid GmbH

VOSS Fluid GmbH is an internationally leading supplier of hydraulic connection technology. The company's head office is in Wipperfürth and, with around 400 employees, it is part of VOSS Holding. The product portfolio comprises tube connections for stationary and mobile hydraulics, including cutting ring couplings, tube forming systems and flange fittings. VOSS Fluid as a development and system partner of international mechanical engineering focuses on application-specific system solutions. VOSS Fluid offers customers everything from a single source: from project planning and engineering via production and assembly to economic logistics services. With its four own sales companies in Europe and Asia as well as further VOSS Group representations and a worldwide network of dealers, VOSS Fluid ensures at all times the reliable distribution of its system solutions.


Company contact

Catrin Neukirchen • VOSS Fluid GmbH

Telephone: +49 (0) 2267 63-5653 • Fax: +49 (0) 2267 63-9653

Email: catrin.neukirchen@voss.net • Internet: www.voss-fluid.de


Press contact / Agency

Susanne Unmack • additiv pr GmbH & Co. KG

Public relations for logistics, steel, industrial goods and IT

Herzog-Adolf-Straße 3 • 56410 Montabaur

Telephone: +49 (0) 26 02-950 99 12 • Fax: +49 (0) 26 02-950 99 17

Email: su@additiv-pr.de • Internet: www.additiv-pr.de


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