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Schuyler Rubber Company Launches New Snow Blade for Airport Applications

posted on Oct 13, 2015

WOODINVILLE, Wash. (October 12, 2015) — Schuyler Rubber Company, a leading manufacturer of recycled rubber products for more than 60 years, launches its new durable snow blades. The 911SP withstands repetitive use with minimal risk of damage to airport lighting, signage and surfaces on runways and taxiways. In addition to high durability, the blades feature Schuyler’s T-track system for fast, easy mounting and changeouts to snow plows and wheel loaders, which shortens service downtime. The manufacturer is currently offering interested customers and dealers free trials as part of the launch. 

“We developed this rubber blade to address a growing concern regarding snow and ice removal at airports,” said Greg Armfield, Schuyler sales manager. “They need a blade that’s soft enough to prevent damaging the runway and safety lights, but durable enough to minimize changeouts. The 911SP achieves the best of both worlds and will give operators the ability to move the most amount of snow.” 

Schuyler’s 911SP withstands more wear than molded rubber blades. The blade is made of recycled rubber and features reinforced nylon fabric throughout the blade to ensure its integrity. The manufacturer offers similar blades for the solid waste industry, which extends the life of the blade by a 2-to-1 ratio. And the 911SP is denser than molded blades — at least 50 percent more in volume — which extends wear life and reduces changeouts. 

Since the blade is made from recycled rubber, there is less impact on the runway and safety fixtures than with steel blades. For instance, the operator can lower the rubber blade to the ground and drive forward because the rubber slides over runway lights and surfaces without damaging the lights or chipping the concrete.

Schuyler designed the 911SP for quick servicing once they become worn. The blade features the manufacturer’s innovative T-track mounting channel, which allows it to slide into position on a snow plow blade or wheel loader bucket. Then the equipment operator or on-site mechanic uses an adjustable or air-powered wrench to secure the blade. Schuyler includes all mounting hardware with each blade. 

The 911SP fits a majority of snow removal equipment, and Schuyler can customize the blade to fit customer specifications. For instance, customers might opt for multiple shorter blades to fit large snowplows and/or wheel loaders to minimize maintenance time.

“Some customers prefer multiple blades because it allows them to replace individual sections rather than the entire length of the blade or bucket,” Armfield said. “This helps keep replacement costs and downtime low, so airport crews can focus on keeping the area clear and safe for incoming planes as well as the ground crew.” 

Customers or interested dealers can request more information regarding the product, including free trial offers, by contacting Cristine Peters, Schuyler Rubber sales representative, at cristine@schuylerrubber.com or 800-426-3917. Information requests can be submitted at goschuyler.com/products/snow-plow-blades.

About Schuyler Rubber Company
Founded in 1950, Schuyler Rubber Company uses recycled rubber to manufacture quality industrial products, including cutting edges, custom bumpers and roll-off wheels. This offsets the need for oil used during the manufacturing of molded rubber products and provides customers with heavy-duty, environmentally friendly solutions for solid waste management and snow removal. For more information: Schuyler Rubber Company, 16901 Woodinville-Redmond Road N.E., Woodinville, WA 98072; 800-426-3917; Facebook; www.goschuyler.com.


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