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Arab Transport Ministers Approve “Tasneef” as the First Arab Classification Society

posted on Nov 7, 2015

Abu Dhabi, UAE, 7 Nov. 2015: Arab transport ministers approved UAE Classification Society “Tasneef” as the first Arab classification society accredited by road and transportation ministries in the Arab countries. This accreditation opened the door for “Tasneef” to explore new horizons in consolidating its presence in the Arab maritime sector; and to demonstrate the added value brought by the society to the Arab maritime sector through quality services and as one of the internationally known houses of expertise in the field of maritime classification that gained the trust of several international and regional authorities during a short period of time.

Commenting on the accreditation of UAE Classification Society “Tasneef” by Arab transport ministers, Engineer Rashid Al Hebsi, CEO of “Tasneef” said: “Tasneef’s accreditation by Arab transport ministers comes in celebration of the great efforts exerted by the society to establish its presence, and in confirmation of its effectiveness in the Arab region; this accreditation represents a considerable support from Arab countries sharing a single vision towards strengthening the principles and foundations of a strong Arab maritime industry capable of meeting challenges”. Al Hebsi added: “We look forward to more fruitful collaborations with Arab transportation ministries, striving to push towards more Arab integration frameworks in all transportation sectors.”

Mr. Saif Saaed Al Kaabi, CFO at “Tasneef” said: “today we can say that “Tasneef” has taken a new significant leap in terms of expanding its influence in the Arab maritime sector, inspired by our common principles, together we will strive to achieve more integration, an objective that remains at the top of our strategic objectives and we are determined to achieve it utilizing our full potential”.

UAE Classification Society “Tasneef” represents an Arab necessity as long as establishing a similar authority was a desire and a national goal for all Arab countries, the importance of having an Arab classification society lies in having the opportunity to fill the gap between the Arab and international maritime sectors, helping Arab countries fulfill their local sectors needs in a better way. This accreditation comes as a significant step on the road towards unifying the necessary laws for shipbuilding in the Arab region and supervising ships in accordance with global standards.

This accreditation will facilitate coordination between member states in order to activate the frameworks and practices of developing common executive regulations, operating systems and auditing procedures. Tasneef’s role will be vital in this as it has been implementing the “GCC Code” and the “UAE Yacht Code”, attracting Arab expertise, and has been taking on the role as a maritime technological, and technical consulting arm dedicated to the protection of national assets, and the development of Arab maritime technologies.  


About Tasneef

Tasneef was established in 2012 and is headquartered in Abu Dhabi. The main activity is the classification of ships, maritime consulting and project management. Tasneef is already a member of the Dubai Council for Marine & Maritime Industries, which is an umbrella body promoting the interests of the industry. Tasneef is the first national authority aiming to raise the efficiency and specifications of ships, compliance with international standards and their application on both national and international companies thus; opening up new horizons for national engineers to work in the maritime sector.


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