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Middle East Two steps forward by Helios

posted on Nov 23, 2015

 Middle East - Two steps forward

In the Middle East cooperation is key to improving the efficiency and capacity of airspace. Helios’ Middle East director Alan Corner highlights two major ATM initiatives recently launched.

Whilst there are many challenges in the aviation industry that can be resolved by individual air navigation service providers, improving the efficiency and capacity of airspace is not generally one of them. In Europe, regional collaboration is driven through legislation and coordinated by a plethora of agencies or other bodies. This is not always the case elsewhere in the world, including the Middle East.


Nevertheless the need to work together is well understood. A point repeatedly made by senior industry figures we interviewed as part of the first-ever ATM Middle East survey for Air Traffic Management magazine. The ability to work together has also been demonstrated by a number of successful regional initiatives over the past decade, notably the Middle East Regional Monitoring Agency (MIDRMA), which maintains a central registry of State RVSM approvals of operators and aircraft. Other more ambitious initiatives (including ArabControl) have struggled to get beyond the feasibility stage because there has not been a vehicle to implement them, but this is changing.

Two major initiatives recently launched

The Middle East ATM Enhancement Programme (or MAEP) is being managed through the ICAO MID office to ensure the involvement of all States, but is also supported by wider industry, including organisations such as IATA, CANSO and ACI. MAEP will eventually provide a single platform to coordinate and even manage the implementation of regional projects, including the MID Region AIM Database.

The second is a sub-regional initiative: the Gulf Cooperation Council’s (or GCC) Upper Airspace Project, the first phase of which was recently awarded to Helios. The GCC has already established a dedicated task force that will work jointly with the Helios team. The objective is to develop a detailed study and implementation roadmap to harmonise ATM provision across the GCC member states (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates). We have adopted a structured, but iterative approach to ensure the project develops solutions that are implementable and that the GCC vision of ‘seamless’ airspace becomes a reality sooner rather than later.

As I concluded in my review of the ATM Middle East survey, our panellists have set out their desire to be and to have good neighbours, with space to fly. These two initiatives are evidence that things are moving in the right direction.

For more information contact Alan CornerDirector Middle East, Helios.


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