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DANUBE FAB establishes two cross-border sectors

posted on Dec 11, 2014

On 11 December 2014 DANUBE FAB established two cross-border sectors marking the first time that cross-border sectors have been implemented under a FAB framework. The two cross-border sectors have been designed based on operational needs, demonstrating DANUBE FAB’s continued commitment to the Single European Sky, and in particular the optimum use of airspace within FABs regardless of national boundaries. The initiative represents a further step towards the defragmentation of European airspace – a key objective of the Single European Sky.
The two cross-border sectors have been implemented above FL 245 and are fully operational, 24 hours a day. They will bring a number of benefits to the DANUBE FAB and airspace users - in particular real savings in terms of distance flown and time spent in DANUBE FAB airspace, resulting in reduced environmental impact. The initiative will also lead to lower direct costs for each flight in DANUBE FAB airspace. Since the ANSPs have an agreement in place to share their available resources for service provision in the cross-border sectors at zero cost, there will be no additional costs for the ANSPs.
BULATSA’s Director General, Mr Georgi Peev says, “the successful implementation of cross-border sectors is an important milestone for DANUBE FAB and demonstrates the strong cooperation between the FAB’s partners. The initiative has further enhanced the optimum use of airspace within DANUBE FAB and is an example of the FAB’s on-going aim to bring tangible savings to airspace users”.
Mr Ion-Aurel Stanciu, ROMATSA Director General adds, “the initiative is proof that DANUBE FAB is delivering operational benefits in the spirit of the SES. Now that we have developed a model for cross-border establishment, we will endeavour to build upon our wealth of experience by extending the existing cross-border sectors or to establish new ones – either inside or outside the FAB – when appropriate”.
11th December 2014


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