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Mooney International delivered three new M20TN Acclaims to their owners this week

posted on Apr 14, 2015

KERRVILLE, Texas April 13, 2015—Mooney International delivered three new M20TN Acclaims to their owners this week. The deliveries were made at Mooney’s Kerrville Texas facility on Thursday and Friday. The new Acclaims will be based out of Louisiana, Florida, and New York. These Acclaims follow the delivery of the first B Registered Acclaim delivered last December to Henan China.

Delivery of multiple Acclaims in a month is a positive sign of Mooney’s progress with the FAA and growing manufacturing capabilities and capacity. Mooney’s production lines have been updated by extensive investments made earlier in 2014 that continue today. Investments have been largely focused on new manufacturing equipment and building a more technologically advanced manufacturing facility. Several key upgrades include: new factory lighting, state of the art heat treatment equipment and chemical process line, modern CNC machinery, 3D modeling, 3D simulation and visualization, and 3D printing. A major focus of the investments has been to bring the latest technology available to Kerrville.

The newest M20TN Acclaim Type S models are equipped with the TSIO-550-G-Turbo Normalized engine and Garmin G1000 dual glass avionics system and GFC700 autopilot.  All three delivered Acclaims sport new paint scheme designs which people who participated in Mooney’s Paint Scheme Giveaway at Oshkosh 2014 and Facebook will recognize.


About Mooney
Mooney is an iconic American brand that produces the best-in-class aircraft. Mooney’s reign and focus on speed have converged with safety and style to bolster our unique aircraft craftsmanship and engineering approach that have made our aircraft legends. Mooneys are single-engine, piston powered aircraft that have been produced and delivered to 11,000 customers worldwide. Our aircraft hold more than 130 world speed and altitude records with a fleet that has accumulated over 40 million flight hours, as well as an impressive safety record. Mooney has facilities in Kerrville, Texas; Chino, California; and Beijing, China. 

For more information visit www.mooney.com.


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