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Fellow aviation professionals - following the latest EASA mandate, is it time to take a fresh look at your organisation?

posted on Feb 25, 2016

Fellow aviation professionals - following the latest EASA mandate, is it time to take a fresh look at your organisation?

The aviation industry is constantly evolving, driven by the pursuit of improvements in both safety and increased efficiencies across all sectors. As we know, European aviation is highly regulated and EU Regulation 376/2014, which became effective in November 2015, shows the industry is relentless in its pursuit of safety excellence.

The EU Regulation 376/2014 unifies and consolidates the continuous collection of safety data; it facilitates wider analysis, the earlier identification of hazards, shared learning and, consequently, the necessary oversight required to follow up on or share mitigating actions, revisions or corrections. 

But what about the effort needed by individuals and departments in meeting the requirements of this EASA update?

As a former employee within the airline industry, and with over 20 years’ experience, I know only too well how much time and resource is needed and how the relative scale of your operation can impact upon the workload of individuals tasked with collating, reporting, assessing and acting wherever compliance demands.

To date, it really has been a case of us all sharing our learnings and understandings, and helping each other deliver the required reporting which will help us all identify risk earlier. As proved at our recent user group discussions – and through my own customer interactions – interpretation, application and integration of the new mandate brings with it a range of questions.

The challenge we must all now meet is adopting that additional requirement, incorporating new mandatory elements into our existing reporting processes and structures, mindful of requirement and mindful of how efficient your own procedures need to be.

In larger organisations, scale helps of course. Safety departments and compliance teams are resourced to ensure individuals at an operational level find support readily available, in order to maintain their safety and operational targets. At the other end of the scale, tailor-made software equally assists, smoothing the multiplicity of reporting tasks potentially faced by one individual reporter.

For us all, perhaps EU376 compliance should be looked at as an opportunity; is it a chance to take a fresh look at your organisation and at those tasked with delivering your compliance and safety objectives?  How will the incorporation of EU376 be managed in your team? How are you managing today?

EU376 is one more layer of reporting – mandated and requiring an efficient integration with your operation. Our SMS based solution, delivered within our Q-Pulse software, provides the means to build reporting in compliant format, efficiently and scaled to your structural needs.

Our Q-Pulse EASA solution offers the opportunity to integrate within your existing Q-Pulse SMS environment. The benefit of creating EASA formatted reports in line with your existing reporting structure brings efficiency and a welcome continuity of analysis.

For the aviation team at Ideagen, this was an opportunity to meet a required industry mandate and find a methodology to support our existing customers and provide much needed capability for new customers alike.  For you, perhaps it’s also an opportunity for review – is your SMS capability really creating the efficiency you need?

It’s definitely a conversation worth having and one that I’d love to keep going.

At Ideagen we have successfully delivered our EASA solution to a number of our customers who place Q-Pulse SMS at their operational safety and compliance core.

In the meantime, we'd be delighted to hear from you, whether to discuss and implement EASA readiness or simply advise in tailoring a safety and compliance environment that matches your needs.


About the Author

Working within aviation for over 20 years, David Young’s direct experience of occurrence reporting, compliance, risk assessment and audit brings an empathy and understanding of the needs of Ideagen’s customers and of the greater aviation industry.

His first-hand appreciation of operational challenges is where he sees an opportunity to work together and ensure Ideagen’s products are delivering precisely what its customers need.

About Ideagen Plc

Ideagen Plc is a supplier of compliance based Information Management software with operations in the UK, United States and Middle East. The Group specialise in eGRC (Enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance) and Healthcare solutions for organisations operating within highly regulated industries.

As authors of a portfolio of high quality software products, Ideagen is able to provide complete content lifecycle solutions that enable organisations to meet their Regulatory, Quality Compliance and Safety standards, helping the world’s leading brands improve operational performance, avoid unwanted surprises and maintain high integrity.

The Group has shown strong growth, both organically and through strategic acquisitions, and is listed on the AIM market of The London Stock Exchange (Ticker: IDEA.L).

  • Ownership: UK AIM public limited company – Ideagen Plc – IDEA
  • Accreditations: ISO 9001; 14001 & 27001 certified
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  • 2,200 Companies: Using the Ideagen suite of products including 150 hospitals in the UK and US & 300+ Aviation organisations globally
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  • 1993: Year of formation

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