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posted on Apr 19, 2015

KERRVILLE, Texas April 19, 2015—Mooney International announced its partnership with Troyes Aviation during AERO Friedrichshafen 2015. Troyes Aviation is the initial European Mooney Team Representative (MTR) designated for sales of factory new M20TN Acclaim Type S and M20R Ovation3 aircraft in the European market in addition to their operations as an official Mooney service center for France.

“We are happy to appoint Troyes Aviation as Mooney International’s first European representative,” said Mooney CEO Dr. Jerry Chen.

Troyes Aviation has been operating since 1973 from Troyes, France, and has a strong presence among pilots in the region. “Troyes Aviation is really proud and excited to continue a relationship with Mooney and to reintroduce and reinforce Mooney sales in Europe,” said Troyes Aviation Director Antoine Horiot. “We have always loved Mooneys and consider ourselves Mooney specialists. We are really excited for what’s coming.”

“Europe has historically been a very important market for Mooney, with some years reaching 20 percent of our total aircraft deliveries,” said COO Tom Bowen.

The partnership with Troyes signifies Mooney’s expanded capabilities and reintroduces the new Mooney airplanes into the European market. Since 2014, Mooney has made stategic moves to position itself as a leading brand in general aviation. The single-engine piston aircraft manufacturer expanded to China last year and now Troyes provides a strong presence in Europe.

Mooney attended Aero Friedrichshafen 2015 alongside Troyes to announce their official partnership. Mooney will now have an official MTR and a Mooney certified serve center to serve customers in Europe.


About Mooney
Mooney is an iconic American brand that produces the best-in-class aircraft. Mooney’s reign and focus on speed have converged with safety and style to bolster our unique aircraft craftsmanship and engineering approach that have made our aircraft legends. Mooneys are single-engine, piston powered aircraft that have been produced and delivered to 11,000 customers worldwide. Our aircraft hold more than 130 world speed and altitude records with a fleet that has accumulated over 40 million flight hours, as well as an impressive safety record. Mooney has facilities in Kerrville, Texas; Chino, California; and Beijing, China. 

For more information visit www.mooney.com.


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