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Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) announced that it is expanding its established and proven ASSET® platform

posted on Mar 8, 2016

Madrid, Spain (date) – Today the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) announced that it is expanding its established and proven ASSET® platform  to include electronic Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) as part of its goal to automate the NOTAM origination and publication process. Phase III of the ASSET platform calls for the design, creation, delivery, testing and implementation of a NOTAM module integrated into ASSET® within a year.  This intimidating deadline leaves Mr. Glyn Owen, Chief Operating Officer (COO), CGH Technologies unfazed.  “Using Agile software development and the proven ASSET® platform, plus the fact that we’ve done this before, makes this a low-risk alternative as compared to the more traditional software approaches others use.”  For example, IAA’s Drone Registry was created on the ASSET® platform by CGH in about 6 weeks and became operational across the Internet on 20 December 2015.  

“Using the IAA authoritative source for NOTAM delivery mitigates many data challenges for issuing accurate NOTAMS,” said Mr. Philip Hughes, IAA’s Director of Commercial Technology and Training.  “Our approach will be transparent to any registered user of ASSET® and our NOTAM search program will reside on ASSET® available on our IAA website,” he continued.

“The key is that this will be published via the Cloud,” said Mr. Owen, undaunted by the task ahead.  “We are here to launch the next step for ATM Data Origination and we are excited to introduce the next generation of asset.”

Media Source: World ATM Congress



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