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New Phantom 4 Means Business!

posted on Mar 29, 2016

New Phantom 4 Means Business!

The new Phantom 4 from DJI has arrived to a fanfare and jubilation from many a tech geek wanting to have the latest from the giant of small unmanned aerial systems (SUAS). That's all well and good but what about its benefits to the commercial user? The use of small drones has exploded in the commercial sector but can a small affordable drone costing slightly more than a thousand pounds really deliver tangible benefits to a business? Well the team at COPTRZ certainly think so.

Managing Director, Steve Coulson commented "The Phantom 4 is going to knock the socks off other drones in its class as its bristling with advanced tech that you just don't see in this class of drone."

The Phantom 4 offers cool new technology including ActiveTrack, which automatically tracks moving objects and automatic crash avoidance sensors for those pilots who need a little more practice!

It's a drone that forgives the nervous and the novice. Clever advances in the GPS settings provide smart return home functionality that'll return the drone back before the battery dies! So no written off company drone on Day one which is always good!

The flight time has now been extended to a whopping 28 minutes (from 17 minutes) with a top speed of 44mph; a new integrated gimbal for top grade camera stability; TapFly technology to enable easy operation with the touch of a finger and Optimised Vision Positioning System to raise positioning altitude up to 10 metres.

"The new Phantom 4 is a great entry level commercial drone for new commercial pilots and especially great for photographers, videographers and estate agents. The cool new tech that normally belongs on a much bigger more expensive drone, means there has never been a better time for a company or individual to take the jump into commercial drones." added Steve Coulson.

COPTRZ is the worlds' first truly commercial drone specialist and part of the award winning Martek group based in the UK and Singapore. COPTRZ have insightfully assembled a stable of 'best in class' commercial drones (chosen by commercial drone pilots after rigorous use in the field) to meet the modern needs of businesses and organisations for any commercial application from filming to farming to fire fighting.

"COPTRZ provides the complete service to commercial clients specific to their industry application in an unbiased and pragmatic manner. Benefits to business are huge and COPTRZ, through innovative products and shrewd business guidance ensure the customers' business will fly and avoid a crash landing before they get started!" Quipped Steve Coulson.

Drones are changing the face of many industries: from agriculture to cinematography, archaeology to marine and offshore surveys, their applications are varied and wide ranging. The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) is a commercially viable strategy for almost any business, thanks to the reduced labour costs and improved safety and staff welfare creating immediate cost-savings. Instead of sending staff into a hazardous environment, whether a hostage situation, oil rig flare stack, search and rescue operation, or an inspection atop a wind turbine, a drone will have it covered in far less time for much less money.

With the supply of the Phantom 4, COPTRZ are also including an essential guide to setting-up a commercial drone business, as well as a premium listing on their forthcoming pilot-finder website that will match pilots to businesses needing commercial drone services.

"The feedback we've had is that people go through their CAA course to get their permission to fly but then need help in finding their customers and how to market themselves, COPTRZ aim to give them not only the drones but then the resources and knowledge to get their business 'off-the-ground' if you pardon the final pun!" said Gareth Woodhouse, Head of Marketing at COPTRZ.

Media Source: Coptrz.com 



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