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posted on Apr 12, 2016

Airline to install post-flight analysis solution to help reduce fuel consumption

Honeywell Aviaso (NYSE: HON) has been selected by Etihad Airways to provide its Fuel Efficiency Software to provide the Abu Dhabi-based airline with post-flight analysis from a variety of its data sources to uncover opportunities for fuel savings and measure the effectiveness of fuel-efficiency initiatives already in place. The software can also be used by the airline for EU emissions trading system reporting.

“Fuel-management services are a critical part of the modern global aviation industry, and we are delighted to work closely with Etihad Airways to help deliver fuel-efficiency savings,” said Jason Wissink, sales director, Honeywell Aviaso. “The flexibility of the Honeywell Aviaso Fuel Efficiency Software to integrate with systems already in place at Etihad Airways will enable a fast deployment and the ability to support future fleet growth.”

Implementation of the software system has already begun, and Etihad Airways’ partner airlines will also deploy the solution in 2016. In addition, Etihad Airways plans to implement more fuel-efficiency initiatives based on the analysis performed by the software. The Honeywell Aviaso software will support the carrier in monitoring existing fuel-efficiency initiatives as well as discovering new opportunities for fuel savings.

 “Etihad Airways is committed to adopting best practices across the airline’s business, including the latest technology to further develop our fuel-efficient operations,” said Richard Hill, chief operations officer, Etihad Airways. “We are delighted to work with Honeywell Aviaso to enhance our already robust flight operational management systems, which are vital for greater performance efficiencies across our fleet.”

The Fuel Efficiency software from Honeywell Aviaso includes more than 100 ready-made analysis reports. These reports allow an airline to understand fuel consumption and to identify potential savings. The solution also helps to achieve savings by rigorously monitoring various fuel-saving initiatives for each flight and providing comprehensive reporting to ensure full compliance with the EU emissions trading system legislation.

As a sophisticated software tool, the Honeywell Aviaso Fuel Efficiency Software helps airlines manage fuel-efficiency programs, which can result in significant fuel savings. Existing software users have documented fuel savings of more than 2 percent annually.

Media Source: MCS Action FZ LLC 



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