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The Ehrhardt + Partner Group at Airport Show Dubai 2016: Leading international Experts in Warehouse Logistics

posted on May 8, 2016

The Ehrhardt + Partner Group has become one of the leading experts in warehouse logistics at an international level. Founded in 1987, Ehrhardt + Partner has developed into an internationally active group of companies with more than 450 employees. The supply chain execution system LFS is currently being used successfully across five continents. Together with the subsidiaries, Ehrhardt + Partner offers integrated total solutions for warehouse logistics from one source. Conceived for a professional use in practice, all products are subject to ongoing development to keep them at the highest standard. This is why the products distinguish themselves with a very high level of quality offering the customer security for the future and their investments. The supply chain execution system LFS includes all the modules companies require for comprehensively controlling their logistics challenges: warehouse management system LFS.wms, material flow controller LFS.mfc, transportation management solutions LFS.tms, Pick Manager LFS.pm for efficient, voice-controlled order picking, as well as data radio solutions, logistics planning and consulting, hosting and cloud services, client-specific custom solutions, and warehouse seminars offered at the LFS.academy. More than 450 clients worldwide value the in-depth consulting services on warehousing, extensive expert knowledge in warehouse logistics, professional project management, short project durations, precisely scheduled commissioning, as well as a solid technical support.

The Ehrhardt + Partner Group

Over recent years, Ehrhardt + Partner has steadily evolved from a software system provider in the area of warehouse management to a leading provider of a supply chain execution system for the logistics industry. Right from the beginning, E+P has oriented towards the requirements of practice for developing new solutions and services. This way, the company was able to set the benchmark and define standards in warehouse logistics at a very early stage. An ongoing development of the modularly designed warehouse management system and the targeted deployment of the latest technologies have been decisive for the company’s success. More than 40 million picks are carried out across the globe on a daily basis, using the LFS supply chain execution system.

Truck Driver app links warehouse and road

The Truck Driver app from Ehrhardt + Partner (E+P) brings mobility to logistics outside the warehouse: As a function of the latest version 8 of the LFS warehouse control system, the warehouse experts are marketing a solution that provides crucial support to truck drivers on their daily routes. All order data, the navigation along the optimum route as well as the order progress are simply displayed on the mobile terminal device, for example on a smartphone or tablet. It is no longer necessary to purchase expensive special hardware. Data are transferred via LFS directly from the warehouse to the app.

The Ehrhardt + Partner Group

The Truck Driver app from E+P networks warehouse and roads in an intelligent way. Orders which were recorded at the warehouse are transferred to the mobile device and into the app in real time, making all data for the transport accessible with one click. The Truck Driver app automatically guides the user through the different actions of a route, such as navigating to the individual delivery points. The app documents the progress of each route and sends all information back to the LFS in real time – this constant exchange clearly reduces the administrative work for handling routes by omitting paper-bound documentation. It also avoids unnecessary waiting times at the loading dock.

Easy integration of third-party processes

The Truck Driver app runs on all Android operating systems and will soon also be available for iOS devices. This also allows the cost-efficient integration of external service providers into internal logistics processes via smartphone and tablet. The app reduces the cost and effort for all parties involved in the value chain. The Truck Driver app also serves its purpose without an internet connection: The driver can create digital receipts and document broken and defective goods.

Ehrhardt + Partner GmbH & Co. KG
Alte Roemerstrasse 3
56154 Boppard-Buchholz

Phone: +49 67 42 87 27 0
Email: info@ehrhardt-partner.com

EPS - Ehrhardt + Partner Solutions DWC-LLC
Dubai Logistics City
Box 644300 Dubai
United Arab Emirates

Phone: (+971) 4-87 01 000
Email: info@ehrhardt-partner.ae

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