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DATA MODUL/CONRAC @ Airport Show 2016

posted on May 6, 2016

New Name, New Location & New Products

At this year’s Airport Show in Dubai, there’s quite a lot of news to talk about:

First there is the new company name. As part of the German DATA MODUL group of companies since 1998, CONRAC MENA FZE will be operating under the name of DATA MODUL FZE as of April 2016. CONRAC remains as brand name for the information systems business. Of course, the offices and more importantly the persons to contact remain unchanged.

Equally new is the location at the show on the German Pavilion.

Surely more interesting are the latest product innovations to be showcased in Dubai:

From a high brightness chassis display, CONRAC’s Narrow Bezel Protected and Dust-Proof Series to a highly robust and extra bright outdoor screen along with the latest electronics options there will be a comprehensive overview of the product portfolio.

Eye-catching highlights of DATA MODUL’s presentation are two large screen high brightness displays:

The brand-new and extra robust CONRAC 55” Real Outdoor Display was specially developed for signage, kiosk and advertising applications in very critical environmental conditions. Coming with a brightness level of more than 2.500cd/m² the CONRAC 7955 Real Outdoor can still be operated at an ambient temperature of 50°C. The special bonding between the TFT panel and laminated safety glass ensures best visibility and low reflection even in full sunshine.

The greatest challenge in the development of real outdoor displays is the operating temperature of such devices, especially in combination with high brightness displays driven under full load.

This problem was solved with an innovative integrated cooling technology, so that the real outdoor displays can be operated at environmental conditions of 50°C and direct sunlight without even dimming the backlight. This allows for new applications involving extreme ambient conditions such as visual docking guidance or at rail, tram and bus stops. Additionally, the existing intelligent heating system of the Advanced Protected series was further developed and enables operating temperatures down to -30°C. The entire unit is IP65 protected and features a watertight and fine dust resistant sealing. Avoidance of external elements like fans or filters makes the device maintenance free.

The new fully integrated 75inch high brightness Chassis Display provides a display area of almost twice the size of a 55” screen: With a screen diagonal of 75” (192cm), the new CONRAC 6275 PD Chassis is ideally suited for the display of arrival and departure information. The 6275 PD uses a professional high-quality full HD D-LED (Direct-LED) panel offering outstanding image quality. A real eye-catcher: Extremely crisp and brilliant image performance on active screen dimensions of 1650 x 928mm at a typical brightness of 2500 cd/m² and a typical contrast ratio of 5000:1.

The chassis-version is designed for easy integration in stylish totems or other housings. Depending on the casing, the display can be used in indoor or outdoor applications. The large screen high brightness display is supplied with DATA MODUL’s sophisticated display electronics. Other electronic options, for example the integration of high performance IPCs (Industrial PCs) can be realised on request.

Landsberger Str. 322
D-80687 Munich

Phone: +49-89-56017-0




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