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Latest innovative smart technology and solutions on display at Airport Show 2016

posted on May 10, 2016

Exhibitors display devices that enhance passenger safety and comfort

Cloud-based technologies, smart trolley, innovative biometrics, smart baggage handling, among major attractions

Latest innovative smart technology and solutions on display at Airport Show 2016

DUBAI, May 10, 2016:  The 16th edition of the Airport Show, currently underway at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre (DICEC) with over 300 exhibitors from 55 countries, has been utilised as an ideal launch pad and a platform to showcase a wide portfolio of trendy technologies and innovative solutions by multi-national and regional companies.

Prominent among the latest technology devices to enhance passenger comfort and efficiencies that are being showcased include the Intelligent Trolley and Trolley Security Scanner by Denmark-based Exruptive, an associate company of Dubai-based emaratech, airport runway cleaning systems by US-based Cyclone Technology, Smart Tray cargo and baggage handling systems by Siemens, baggage –sorting technology by Leonardo-Finmeccanica, and the latest face recognition technology by Rockwell Collins.

Daniyal Qureshi, Group Exhibition Director, Reed Exhibitions Middle East, said:  “The Airport Show is an ideal platform for companies to display and introduce their latest products and solutions, and provides a convenient and time-efficient way to stay updated with the latest trends and innovations from around the world.  As the show expects more than 7,000 aviation industry professionals from different countries, it is a strong platform for promoting and marketing their latest technology and solutions, especially those targeting to strengthen their presence in the Middle East.”

“We are extremely pleased with the response from trade visitors. There have been invitations to visit many airports.  Though we are here for the first time, we have a prime location which gave us lots of attention,” said Morten Pankoke, Chief Operating Officer of Exruptive, which is showcasing its Intelligent Trolley and Trolley Security Scanner offering enhanced security at lower cost, better flow and increased revenue and efficiency in airport commercial areas.

“The smart trolley is introduced to enable airports to generate non-aeronautical revenue and profit,” said Pankoke. He said the company is in talk with many airport authorities to introduce the smart device.

Rockwell Collins, engaged in the development and deployment of innovative communication and aviation electronic solutions for both commercial and government applications, is showcasing its innovative new products for airports, including biometrics, cloud-based technologies and automated solutions aimed at creating an improved experience for travellers.  

The face recognition technology captures a traveller’s identity using biometrics and match it with the passenger’s passport and boarding pass information.

Dr Ian Bache PMP, Technical Pre-Sales Director, Arinc Airports Information Management Services, Rockwell Collins said: “Airports are always looking to automate passenger processing while maintaining the highest security levels. And we offer tailor-made solutions which are configurable airport identity management solutions. Many airports in this region are showing interest in these innovative technologies.”

US-based Cyclone Technology, among other solutions, has displayed Ultra High Water Pressure System, The Cyclone 4006, which cleans airport runway and apron surfaces more effectively and in less time than other methods. The patented cleaning and recovery head cleans and removes rubber and paint build-up without damage to the surface.

Dieter Pade, Vice President, Nilfisk-Advance Technologies, under Cyclone Technology, said: “Airports must remove and clean rubber from the runways to keep friction available on landing. If an airport does not do that there will be skidding leading to accidents and there have been such incidents where the airports did not provide the friction and did not remove the rubber.”

“We offer a superior technology which consumes less water,” he said.

Pade said the Airport Show is a platform for the company to associate with other airports in the region. “Like other exhibitors, we also receive many enquiries. We are looking forward to associating with airports in this region,” he added.

Leonardo-Finmeccanica is displaying its proprietary cross-belt baggage handling technology and its Airport Security Integrated Platform. The cross-belt sorter solution by the company, designed for high performance and reliability, can deliver both energy efficiency and maintenance cost savings for operators. Its security solution for airports includes video-surveillance, crowd analysis, scene-analysis algorithms, access control, plate readers, facial recognition, integration with all main airport systems for prompt detection of critical situations, interconnection with different stakeholders to manage emergencies and the integration of secure airport communications.

Siemens, which has implemented more than 300 logistics systems at airports all over the world, is showcasing its latest baggage handling system, prominent among them is ‘smart tray’ or SmartTilter, Siemens’ solution for the dynamic tilting of tray conveyors,  which help get baggage to its destination as quickly as possible. The tilted bags are caught by chutes. Depending on throughput and system layout a SmartTilter can serve one chute or several chutes in a row and the chutes lead to a belt system. This makes the SmartTilter a crucial part of any baggage handling system, enabling it to take over sorting functionalities.

Media Source: Nadd Al Shiba PR & Event Management



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