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Intelligent trolley offers enhanced security at airports

posted on May 10, 2016

Allows passengers to power their personal devices, acts as real-time way finding device

Intelligent trolley offers enhanced security at airports

DUBAI, May 10, 2016: Denmark-based Exruptive, developer of innovative integrated solutions for optimising security at airports, and an associate company of Dubai-based emaratech, has showcased the next generation airport security and commercial platform at the 16th Airport Show at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre (DICEC).

The innovation company has introduced Intelligent Trolley and Trolley Security Scanner at the airport show aimed at airports to offer improved security at lower cost, better flow and increased revenue and efficiency in airport commercial areas.

“The smart trolley is introduced to enable airports to generate non-aeronautical revenue and profit,” said Morten Pankoke, Chief Operating Officer of Exruptive.

The trolley allows passengers to power their personal devices, acts as real-time way finding device in the airport via an interactive 3D-map. For flight and gate information, the device updates the information on a real-time basis and keeps the passengers updated at all times.

“To truly move closer to the passenger as a consumer, airports and their retailers must first know who their consumers are. Traditional app-based solutions have failed to gain sufficient usage to tackle this issue. As a rule, after close to 10 years with smartphones, the airports and their retailers still do not know who is in the airport on any given day, where they are travelling to or what their preferences might be based on previous behaviour,” he added.

“That is why we have developed the intelligent trolley - a context aware hand luggage trolley - which acts as the passenger’s personal guide through the airport,” he added.

Talking about the company’s participation at the show, Pankoke said:

“We are extremely pleased with the response from trade visitors. There have been invitations to visit many airports.  Though we are here for the first time, we have a prime location which gave us lots of attention.”

The trolley is injection moulded in composite material and can therefore be scanned in the Trolley Security scanner which combined creates a seamless journey from check-in to gate - making the passengers less stressed through security and allows them to enter the commercial area and gates happier than ever before. 

The trolley has a multiple basket platform with different storage room designs and sizes which allows the individual airport to choose the exact type and shape of basket that suits them.

Morten said the company is in talk with many airport authorities to introduce the smart device.

Media Source: Nadd Al Shiba PR & Event Management



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