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Successful Participation for skyguide at the Dubai Airport Show 2016

posted on May 17, 2016

Successful Participation for skyguide at the Dubai Airport Show 2016

The show was successful for skyguide. Many visitors passed by the skyguide booth and the main questions was always: "What are the major challenges for airports today"?

The challenges may vary depending on airport operations. However, they will certainly include cost pressures, capacity, compliance with regulations, minimising the environmental impact  and, for some, accessibility. All these challenges have to be addresses without compromising safety. The majority of airports have limited or no capacity to innovate, as a lot of time and effort is required just to comply with new regulations and adopt technologies that provide operational benefit.

With vast experience in the Air Traffic Management domain, skyguide understand perfectly the importance of operational capabilities, the use of technology, integrated air and ground systems, while taking into account the needs or airspace users. During the show in Dubai the experts from skyguide have been able to discuss many opportunities.


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