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IS-BAH™ Innovating and Increasing Registered Handlers

posted on May 24, 2016

Keeping business flying around the world


Geneva, May 24, 2016: The International Business Aviation Council (IBAC), the global voice of business aviation since 1981, announced today a number of options in the pricing of the International Standards for Business Aircraft Handling (IS-BAH™) Programme.

Individual FBOs and business aviation handling agents (BAHAs) that are members of an IBAC member association can benefit from a bundled purchase of the IS-BAH™ manual, a workshop participation, and registration. The process of implementation, audit, and registration must be done within a year (almost all facilities finish in less time).

For larger FBO chains, IBAC can offer bulk pricing for purchases of multiple manuals, workshop participations, and registrations.

“The introduction of pricing options allows both the single-facility FBO and those with multiple locations to better budget their investment toward safety initiatives in implementing the global code of best safety practice,” says Terry Yeomans.

The IS-BAH™ is a global code of best practices for the FBO and BAHA community, created for the industry by the industry. It incorporates the safety management system (SMS) concept in all aspects of FBO/BAHA operations and is complementary with the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) used by their operator clients. Launched in 2014, in partnership with the National Air Transportation Association (NATA), the IS-BAH™ welcomed 14 registered operators on four continents by the end of 2015, and IBAC expects that number to rise to 25 by the end of 2016.

Contact Terry Yeomans, Director, IS-BAH™ Programme, for further details: tyeomans@ibac.org.

EBACE participants are invited to visit the IBAC stand (no. B031) to learn more about IS-BAH™ and how it can help further develop safety, efficiency, and quality for your organization.

About IBAC:

The International Business Aviation Council is a federation of 14 national and regional business aviation associations from around the world, with permanent Observer Status with ICAO. IBAC manages the
IS-BAO and IS-BAH safety standards. 

Media Source: International Business Aviation Council 



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