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POP aims to be the first ever international carbon-neutral airline

posted on Jul 12, 2016

POP aims to be the first ever international carbon-neutral airline

POP is planning to be an airline that scores a number of firsts. The first to operate non-stop flights between the UK and two of India’s key secondary cities, Amritsar in Punjab and Ahmedabad in Gujarat. The first to donate at least 51% of its net profits to charities working in the communities it plans to serve. And the first international airline to be truly carbon neutral.

A commitment to protecting the environment is a key part of POP’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach, which the airline has termed ‘caring capitalism’. Beyond complying with airline industry best practice, POP intends to purchase sufficient carbon credits - without passing the cost on to its passengers - to fully offset the emissions created by its flights. To further support the communities it will be serving in both the UK and India, POP will focus particularly on carbon-offsetting projects in the geographical areas in which its business operations take place.

In addition, POP will seek to minimise the amount of electricity and water it uses in its everyday operations.

(Nino) Navdip Singh Judge, Chairman & Principal and founding partner of POP, commented:

 “We want to change the way business is done. That’s why we’ve developed a business model that is designed to deliver an enhanced-value flying experience for our passengers, significant financial support for some of the most disadvantaged in the communities we aim to serve, and a real commitment to doing everything we can to protect the environment. We are not only People Over Profit, but also Planet Over Profit.

Currently amidst crowdfunding, POP is offering Gold Passes to the community which include eight great benefits. Backed with a Gold Seal money back guarantee, the first 7000 Gold Pass holders are entitled to a free return flight to any POP destination and to the next 3000 holders, an off-peak return flight. For the next five years, Gold Pass holders will be able to take advantage of faster check-in and boarding, extra legroom (when available), an increased luggage allowance and the opportunity to purchase seats at the lowest fares when released.


The ‘POP’-osition is to create an ‘Enhanced-Value’ airline to provide non-stop flights between the UK and the second cities in the nations of the developing world to meet the demand of the growing ‘visiting friends and relatives’ (VFR) market as well as expanding tourist and business sectors.

The initial target is to provide air services between the extensive Indian communities in the UK and South Asia by flying to Amritsar (Punjab) and Ahmedabad (Gujarat) in India, and to do so as a company committed to investing a minimum of 51% of its profits in the communities it serves.

*Source: Singleton PR 


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