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The French company SATAM was present at AirportShow Dubai

posted on Jun 16, 2015

United Arab Emirates; 16th of June 2015 – SATAM, expert in hydrocarbon metering systems, present on the market since 1921, developed its products to meet customer requirements getting more and more complex and specialized. With an offer dedicated to aviation applications, SATAM is currently a major player of aviation fuel metering commercial transactions.

SATAM offers equipment for refuelers and fuel dispensers, as well as solutions for small airports and airport depots.

SATAM equipment for refuelers and fuel dispensers: its meters, known for their reliability, and its ultra-communicating flow computers, are mounted on the refuelers and fuel dispensers. They allow an accurate determination of the delivered fuel quantities and billing it to the airlines.   

SATAM solutions for small airports: SATAM aviation offer also includes a complete distribution unit of aviation fuel dedicated to the fueling of small aircrafts and helicopters. This unit, delivered ready for use, includes metering system, micro filter separator, pump and fuel distribution pipe.

SATAM solutions for airport fuel farms: the inflow and outflow of the aviation fuel in the airport fuel farms must be defined accurately to draw up a material balance. With a range of equipment dedicated to metering on pipeline and measuring systems adapted to the products reception, the inflow into the depot can be determined accurately. The injection of additives in the fuel (anti icing, corrosion inhibitor, antistatic, thermal stabilisator) can also be controlled by the flow computer Equalis. Finally the loading stations of refuelers can be equipped with SATAM loading units including a gas separator, a meter, a valve and a flow computer.

In addition, the set of SATAM equipment has metrology certificates for the fuel commercial metering transactions (in compliance with the international recommendations of OIML R117 and API). It’s certified as well for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX and IEC EX). 

According to Mr. Didier Bizec, export manager in SATAM: Airportshow Dubai was an excellent opportunity to reaffirm the company’s position as a key supplier in this market of aviation fuel distribution. Thanks to its closeness to the major players of the sector, SATAM was able to develop its product range over the years in order to meet at best the customers’ requirements. Its state-of-the-art flow computer EQUALIS with its reliable meter of international reputation, participated in the updating and elaboration of new solutions in this market. Mr. Didier Bizec added: supported by a network of local distributors well established and well qualified technically, SATAM guarantees a good reactivity to commercial and technical requirements as well as an efficient and fast operation and maintenance of its equipment.  

About  SATAM:

SATAM is an expert in hydrocarbon metering solutions. Specifically designed for custody transfer metering of liquid petroleum products and non-corrosive chemicals, SATAM meters are used in oil depots, on oil road tankers, aircraft refuelers and fuel dispensers for loading, unloading, transfer, blending and additive injection operations. SATAM electronic preset delivery system Equalis S is a field instrument capable of controlling one or two metering points. This all-in-one flow computer has the flexibility of handling blending and additives injection applications and can manage communication with most cab mounted information and data capture systems.



Marketing Manager

Mail: T.Knipiler@satam.eu

Satam SAS – Meci SAS

Tel : +33 1 49 38 41 10

Web : www.satam.eu  www.meci.fr

Press / Media:


Head of communications – Press office & Regional Development

Mobile: +971 (0)55 478 32 15 / miryem.oukasmessidi@businessfrance.fr


Press Officer - Press office & Regional Development
Mobile: +971 (0)56 470 23 82 / yousra.lahbabi@businessfrance.fr


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