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Munich Airport sets up a subsidiary company to bundle international business

posted on Oct 24, 2016

Munich Airport sets up a subsidiary company to bundle international business

In order to centralize its international activities in airport management and airport expert advice Munich airport will set up a new subsidiary company for airport consultancy work early next year. “In the last 20 years our international team based in Munich achieved significant results and gained international reputation in consulting airports and training staff. For reasons of market competitiveness we need to move closer to our clients,” explains Dr Ralf Gaffal, designated Managing Director for the new subsidiary Munich Airport International GmbH. The company is a 100% subsidiary of Flughafen München GmbH (FMG), the operator of Munich Airport, Germany’s second busiest airport and number one airport in Europe with regard to Customer Service.

This step is part of Munich airport’s new international business strategy which was developed and approved by the shareholders earlier this year. Besides expanding the services to airport O&M contracts and to strengthen the international activities of FMG’s Airport Academy, Europe’s first 5-star airport plans to open several sales offices around the globe. “We will strengthen our market position and will analyze opportunities to acquire airport related service companies in key markets like Asia Pacific, India or the Americas. We have all airport related experience and know-how in our company and our experts can support airport operators during the full lifecycle of an airport, from planning and design to operations,” Gaffal explains. “Providing all airport related services out of one hand allows us to continuously exchange know-how and best-practices with our clients to make the airport industry more efficient, customer oriented and profitable.”

Currently FMG is providing services to 13 airport clients worldwide with a team of 70 experts. Munich airport’s expert advice ranges from the management of Terminal 2 at Cairo Airport in Egypt, the “Operational Readiness and Airport Transfer” (ORAT) support for Oman Airports Management Company in Muscat to  planning, development and management support of Grupo EMCO in Honduras for the new capital airport in Palmerola.

*Source: Munich Airport



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