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Interroll to expand its controller family to include MultiControl

posted on Jun 17, 2015

Sant'Antonino, Switzerland, 17 June 2015. Interroll MultiControl, the new network card for PROFINET, EtherNet/IP and EtherCAT, now extends the Interroll controller family for use with the Interroll RollerDrive EC310. There is no need to set up an additional sensor or actuator level due to the direct integration of sensors and RollerDrives in the field bus level. 

MultiControl is a network card for controlling and integrating the Interroll RollerDrive EC310 into many conveyor technology applications such as zero pressure accumulation, roller curves, and transportation conveyors without ZPA, but also 45° or 90° discharge units such as the Interroll High Performance Divert. PROFINET, EtherNet/IP and EtherCAT real-time communication can be realized with every MultiControl by making a simple setting.

Up to four sensors, four EC310 RollerDrives, and, by using a Y cable, four additional and configurable inputs or outputs can be connected to Interroll MultiControl.

Configuration of sensor or RollerDrive properties such as speed, direction of rotation, acceleration and braking ramps takes place using either a web user interface, the SPS programming software or the Interroll teach-in procedure. This also makes automatic addressing possible and provides information on the order of all connected MultiControl or conveyor zones in the conveyor. This guarantees a quick and easy start up on-site.

Power is supplied by a simple cable in the form of a flat ribbon cable. As an option, a second flat ribbon cable that supplies the connected Interroll RollerDrive with power separately can also be connected. This allows for all of the motor rollers to be stopped without losing the position information of the materials to be conveyed.

The IP 54 protection class meets the requirements that pertain to industrial plants. The Interroll MultiControl can be used in temperature ranges of between -30°C and +40°C.

Plug & play technology allows for quick and easy replacement, if necessary. In case of replacement, no addressing or configuring is necessary.


Petra Müller

Interroll (Schweiz) AG

Head of PR and Investor Relations

Via Gorelle 3 │ 6592 Sant'Antonino │ Switzerland

+41 91 850 25 21




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