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During its visit to Italy, “Tasneef” Signs an Agreement with Logmarin

posted on Jul 5, 2015

Abu Dhabi, 5th  of July 2015: Emirates Classification Society “Tasneef” signed an agreement with Logmarin, a consultancy company specialized in shipping logistics and advisory, in order to bring new ideas to the UAE marine industry and strengthen the ties between “Tasneef” and the Italian marine companies. 

Captain Waleed Al Nahdi, Commercial and Marketing Director at “Tasneef” commented on the agreement saying “this agreements aims to raise the national capabilities and enables the UAE to develop its maritime resources and open doors for our national engineers to be trained to play a vital role in the development of local maritime industry”.

Eng. Suod Al Hammadi, Defense Projects Manager at “Tasneef” explained saying” this agreement aims to train local engineers in the fields of ports and marine consultancy. The added value of this visit is to build better and more advanced local maritime resources through the technical support Logmarin will provide us with in the field of floating terminals and to train our engineers in Italy within the recent existing enterprises. The agreement also aims at easing logistic operations related to transportation, cargo, and port management”.

Al Hammadi added “During the visit, we met with “Rina” and the most prominent maritime companies and authorities in Italy to look for various means for establishing cooperation with these companies in order to develop Tasneef’s capabilities to better support the classification services we provide the Arab World with through the use of the most advanced Italian maritime technologies”.

Commenting on other goals behine Tasneef’s visit to Italy, Al Hammadi said “We also promoted Tasneef’s services during our visit including the UAE Yacht Code; the first of its kind in the world”. He expressed his ultimate hopes for the cooperation between “Tasneef” and its Italian contemporaries saying: “We at “Tasneef” highly appreciate the strong ties between the UAE Classification Society and “Rina” and other Italian companies as this enables us to exchange knowledge and experience in which benefit the UAE maritime sector”. He also added “the cooperation between “Tasneef” and the Italian maritime companies will enable us to have the best solutions which will help us to provide the best services with minimum cost”.




Editor’s Information

About Tasneef

Tasneef was established in 2012 and is headquartered in Abu Dhabi. The main activity is the classification of ships, maritime consulting and project management. Tasneef is already a member of the Dubai Council for Marine & Maritime Industries, which is an umbrella body promoting the interests of the industry. Tasneef is the first national authority aiming to raise the efficiency and specifications of ships, compliance with international standards and their application on both national and international companies thus; opening up new horizons for national engineers to work in the maritime sector.


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