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Thailand air traffic control to benefit from Ricochet recording systems

posted on Apr 7, 2014

Jotron AS designs and manufactures high quality communication products and systems for land, sea and air applications. Jotron's recording and replay technology Ricochet has gained the reputation of being one of the most stable and well-proven recording solutions worldwide. The company earlier this year entered into a contract with the Thai system integrator RTS (2003) Co., Ltd, for resale to end-user Aerothai. 18 recording systems will be installed at 6 sites throughout Thailand, recording the total of 2256 audio channels.

Ricochet recording offers superior performance in a simple configuration. The system supports all different audio formats, without limitation in number of channels. Jotron will supply a main, a fallback and a training system to each of the 6 sites. Tungmahamek ACC in Bangkok will install the largest of the systems. The Ricochet training solutions will be installed in the near future and will be of huge benefit to the air traffic controllers, supervisors and management for both training and quality improvement purposes. The total project completion month is August 2015.

Thai company RTS (2003) Co.,Ltd. offers comprehensive system integration services to enterprise networks.

“Recording and replaying of audio forms the basis in an ATC investigation,” says Project Manager Akarapon Chanchucherd at RTS (2003) Co., Ltd. “Our analysts pledge to design the best solution for our customers in all possible ways. Ricochet has been used in ATC with great success for many years and complies with international security standards - the choice was simple.”

“We are pleased to see that Ricochet is the preferred recording solutions in a constantly increasing number of Asian countries,” says Morten Gjersoe, Director ATC and Coastal Communications Division at Jotron.

For more information, please contact Jotron: Director ATC & Coastal Communications Division, Morten Gjersoe tel.+47 33139700

About Jotron AS(www.jotron.com)
Jotron AS is a privately owned Norwegian company founded in 1967. Jotron’s main businesses are:
• Recording and replay systems
• ATC ground to air radio communication products and systems for civil aviation and military use
• Maritime safety and search & rescue communication equipment
• Maritime ship internal communication systems
• Safety communication systems for maritime and offshore applications
• Maritime VSAT antenna systems
• Shore to ship communication products and systems

Jotron AS, based in Larvik, Norway, is the head office of the Jotron Group employing 250 employees in Norway, Lithuania, UK, USA and Singapore.

About RTS (2003)(www.rts2003.co.th)
RTS (2003) offers comprehensive system integration service to enterprise networks, and Telecommunication service provider and Internet service providers for the public and private network infrastructure. The Company, beyond a computer category of the network infrastructure, offers the transparent system integration service with client & server system, storage area network and application software. The solutions include enterprise network infrastructure, IP Telephony solution and other services to help clients to achieve enhanced competitive advantages. This business encompasses the provision of value added telecom data networks, and national and international backbone for Internet service delivery.



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