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Energy-saving Interroll Dynamic Storage system was installed at HAVI Logistics distribution center in Russia

posted on Aug 26, 2015

Moscow, Russia - Sant’Antonino, Switzerland, 26 August 2015. HAVI Logistics in Russia contracted COMITAS, Russia, as system integrator to supply a complex solution for their multi-temperature logistics distribution center in Tatarstan, Russia. Besides a deep store shuttle system provided by COMITAS, an Interroll Pallet Flow solution with safety separators was installed in the dry warehouse as well as in the deep-freeze area.  


With a worldwide network HAVI Logistics is the global lead logistics provider for the food service industry, specialized in combined logistics services for food and non-food articles through all temperature zones. The new HAVI Logistics distribution center in Elabuga, Tatarstan, Russia, comprises 9.000 square meters and is divided into a dry warehouse, a deep-freeze zone and a cold warehouse. The whole project comprises an Interroll Dynamic Storage solution, a COMITAS deep store shuttle system and racking storage by Trading House Kifato MK, the exclusive Interroll partner for Dynamic storage systems in Russia.

The pallet flow solution provided by Interroll consists of 32 lanes for 5 pallets in depth in the dry warehouse and of longway of 10 pallets in depth and crossway respectively for easy access of the operators in the picking tunnel in the deep-freeze area. The distribution center provides a throughput of 2.500 tons per month to supply 60 American fast food restaurants in the region. The capacity of the distribution center can be increased to 10.000 tons per month to supply 250 restaurants if need be.

Ivan Davydov, Operations Director of HAVI Logistics Russia states: “We are very satisfied with the Interroll Dynamic Storage solution as it provides increased storage capacity and direct access to all stock keeping units (SKU). We could also reduce the travelling times for operators which is especially important in a cold warehouse and freezer room due to work safety. For us, it was also important to have a solution from only one manufacturer which works in the dry warehouse as well as in the deep-freeze zone.”

The movement of the pallets is generated by gravity. This means no energy consumption and no impact on the environment. Due to the lane structure, maximum throughput with a minimum use of space can be achieved. The system offers high system availability and flexibility as it can be easily adapted to future market needs.

Another highlight of this Dynamic Storage system is the use of the Magnetic Speed Controller and Interroll Safety Separator with end-stopper control and gap control which allow maximum operation safety and highest throughput even in a very cold environment.

In addition, liftable double flow channels located on the lowest level (“butterfly technology”) allow for the entire bottom of the flow storage to be cleaned very quickly.

Davit Manukyan, Owner of COMITAS, is very satisfied with the project: „It took us only 14 months to launch this distribution center from groundbreaking to opening. Interroll provided valuable advice in the planning phase and the quality of the products delivered is outstanding. 


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