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Ehrhardt + Partner Group offers integrated solutions for warehouse logistics. All solutions are subject to ongoing development to keep them at the...


Dec 8, 2015

INFONAV is a turnkey digital media and IT service provider.  We provide professional digital contents and marketing solutions for...


Jul 12, 2015

MicroStep-MIS operates worldwide and has 20 years of experiences in the field of meteorology. The company is specialised in the development...

Jetex UAE

Jul 12, 2015

Jetex was announced at the Dubai Airshow in the year 2005. Jetex has over 10 years of experience in supporting global operations with over...

Topsystem offers modular IT solutions for airports and ground handling companies. Core of our systems are an extensive AODB (Airport Operational...

  Skyguide is the Swiss air navigation service provider. We are responsible for Switzerland’s air traffic management, for...

ERA a.s.

Mar 15, 2011

ERA is a world leader in next-generation surveillance and flight tracking solutions with proven multilateration and ADS-B (Automatic Dependent...


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Aircraft Spare Parts and Maintenance Tools

Herber Aircraft Service

Since 1978 Herber Aircraft Service has been your manufacturer and repair center for superior quality FAA-approved harnesses and hoses. Herber is the largest distributor of Eaton Aeroquip fluid...
Jul 12, 2015


With headquarters and a primary distribution facility located in Miami, Florida, KLX Aerospace Solution’s global presence consists of more than 1.5 million square feet in more than 60 locations...
Jul 24, 2015

Leki Aviation A/S

Leki Aviation specializes in the supply and distribution of aircraft parts, interiors and components to the global Aviation industry.
Jul 12, 2015

Leki Aviation FZE

Leki Aviation specializes in the supply and distribution of aircraft parts, interiors and components to the global Aviation industry.
Jul 12, 2015

Paratec Blue FZ-LLC

PARATEC BLUE is a trading name of PARATEC BLUE FZ LLC and is the name for the division specialising in IT related products. We are based in Ras Al Khaimah, from where we deliver to clients...
Jul 13, 2015

Parts Base

PartsBase began operating as a division of Aviation Labs in Houston, Texas in 1996. The sole intent of the company at the time was to begin streamlining certain business processes for the aviation,...
Jul 13, 2015


Patria’s aviation competence comprises assembly, parts manufacture, maintenance, and modifications of aircraft and helicopters, as well as flight training. The company’s experience of over 90 years...
Jul 13, 2015

Rennsteig Werkzeuge GmbH

RENNSTEIG WERKZEUGE is named after the “Rennsteig,” a hiking trail across the Thuringian highlands in Germany. This area has a longstanding tradition of excellence in hand tool design and...
Jul 13, 2015

S3 International LLC Milwaukee

S3 International is a leading provider of commercial and military aircraft spare parts and repair services. Our primary focus is to provide the highest quality aftermarket spare parts support and...
Jul 13, 2015

Sabena Technics

Sabena technics' services are organized into product lines: Airframe services, VIP completion, Component services, Integrated services, Military services and Training services, based on the basic...
Jul 13, 2015

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