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Digital twins, AI, mobile apps and drones: The four technology developments set to hit commercial aviation in 2018

posted on Jan 10, 2018

Despite longer-lasting aircraft, more durable engines and innovations in maintenance techniques, recent research has shown maintenance spending continues to increase. In fact, airlines now... more →

The 18th Airport Show introduces new co-located events

posted on Dec 1, 2017

The 18th edition of Airport Show will welcome new co-located events, Air Traffic Control Forum and Airport Security Middle East in addition to its other co-located events CAPA-Centre of... more →

Exclusive Interview: Marc Melviez, CEO at Luciad

posted on Nov 11, 2017

What are Luciad’s core solutions and application areas? Marc Melviez - We have a traditional background in intelligence, defence and aviation with NATO and EUROCONTROL amongst our... more →

Using Blockchain to Reinforce Aviation Asset Management

posted on Sep 2, 2017

Blockchain is one of the most discussed and intriguing technologies out there today. I will not go too deeply into the specifics of how it works since that has been covered by many other... more →


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