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Unlocking aircraft data value requires intelligent integration. by Pierre-Yves Benain, Head of Aircraft Program, SITAONAIR

posted on Mar 10, 2017

Unlocking aircraft data value requires intelligent integration. by Pierre-Yves Benain, Head of Aircraft Program, SITAONAIR

Today’s connected aircraft generates more, and more complex, data than ever before – and that means it’s never been more vital for airlines to get a firm grip on it.

Since 2015, helping airlines respond to the opportunities and challenges of the big data generated by connected aircraft has been SITAONAIR’s reason-to-be. As the industry’s data experts, we know just how vital, invaluable and essential it is to support airlines to dissect, analyse and unlock data’s enormous value.

But first, there are two major hurdles airlines and other industry stakeholders need to overcome if they are to turn aircraft big data into big value.

Hurdles to aircraft data progress

Firstly, airlines often take a siloed approach to data systems investment and purchasing, with cabin, cockpit or maintenance investments around the aircraft being made in isolation. Airlines also find it challenging to justify the business case for digitization, from where to start, to what their strategy needs to be, and how they can justify buying Aircraft Interface Devices (AIDs) and connecting Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs) for retrofit fleets.

Aircraft manufacturers create new concerns. The current market is made up of numerous, fragmented standalone product and service propositions offering limited scope, which can be challenging for airlines to integrate within their pre-existing environments. In addition, the effect of OEMs trying to master the entire IT value chain is the creation of additional constraints to airlines’ IT and aircraft application choices.

The connected aircraft opportunity

Our specialist teams help airlines tackle these problems and build their business cases, drawing the most value for money from connected aircraft investments and using our products and services to create tailored, maximum-value data solutions. We’ve also been working hard to engage with airlines and OEMs to develop an integrated response to the value chain – no mean feat.

Our teams help airlines achieve true interoperability; we are introducing broadband IP services to the aircraft and cockpit through existing interfaces, without disrupting their existing systems and processes, and by providing the appropriate levels of standardization. We collaborate with major OEMs to proactively approach airlines to support this smooth transition; by enabling more data to be retrieved from the aircraft by connecting applications; integrating our software across a range of different platforms, as a service, delivering the best-in-class data exchange, security, synchronization and management, in the air and on the ground.

SITAONAIR represents a neutral intermediary, federating industry best practices to remove any roadblocks and make open platforms a reality.

Working in partnership

The airline industry recognizes that real opportunities are possible by developing intelligent aircraft data systems. We firmly believe that our open platforms approach, detailed in our hot topic whitepaper, is the way to solve the airline industry’s big aircraft data headache. SITAONAIR is already helping airlines create connected aircraft reality and achieving open platforms with our holistic approach to data system interoperability and management.

But, an open platforms policy requires an open mindset. The varied aircraft communication, applications and services, industry components need to be willing to break out of their silos and communicate with one another. We need to see a willingness to share data among systems; for OEMs, MROs, air framers and airlines to share their experiences for the benefit of all.

Together, in partnership with the industry, we can help this become the way to move forward.

Find out more about our data expertise at www.sitaonair.aero or speak to your local SITAONAIR contact.



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