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Honeywell Connected Aircraft: Fly Limitless, Fly Connected, Like Never Before

posted on Aug 4, 2017

Fly Limitless, Fly Connected, Like Never Before

Aviation Technology Exclusive: By Kristin Slyker, Vice President and General Manager, Connected Aircraft, Honeywell Aerospace

The connected aircraft market is growing at an unprecedented rate, driven largely by increasing passenger demand for seamless in-flight connectivity. From the moment a passenger steps onto an aircraft its connectivity is put to the test. According to recent reports from the Market Research Engine, the connected aircraft market is expected to exceed USD6 billion by 2020, growing at a CAGR of 14.9 percent over the next few years, a clear indication of the importance of reliable, consistent in-flight connectivity.

With an aim to meet these increasing demands, the aviation industry’s reliance on technology has never been higher, and operators and airlines are looking to enhance the passenger travel experience.

The technology itself has also evolved. The connected aircraft provides a comprehensive and agile platform of inter-connected products and services that make flying safer, more efficient and cost effective, in addition to offering passengers advanced connectivity so they can send emails, connect to social media, and download and stream videos in-flight.

Technology is changing the way people communicate on-board, and Honeywell is leading that change by reinventing the concept of aviation, enhancing how airlines operate and how passengers fly. Honeywell’s mechanical and software heritage is unmatched, making the company the best choice for bringing a comprehensive connected aircraft platform to life.

Honeywell solutions enable aircraft operators to achieve their full potential – from cockpit to cabin. Using all-inclusive connected aircraft solutions, pilots and crew are able to analyze and take actions based on real-time information, which allows for better flight management. For instance, Honeywell’s GoDirect Weather Information Service allows pilots to receive live alerts on potentially hazardous weather along their flight path – from pre-flight planning, to in-flight travels and landing, and benefit from live graphical weather updates to determine the most efficient flight path, reduce fuel costs for airlines and get passengers to their destination safely and on time.

From the onset of a journey - Honeywell’s GoDirect Flight Preview app provides a useful, practical and intuitive computer tablet tool that lets pilots know what they can expect during one of the most critical phases of flight by eliminating any surprises, giving pilots a highly accurate preview of the runway and surrounding terrain – long before they begin their approach.

Pilots can use Flight Preview before or during their flight to get a clear picture of the conditions they will encounter during approach and landing. Meanwhile, GoDirect Flight Bag Pro, a premier global flight planning and electronic flight bag app, helps pilots get rid of their bulky flight bags by using the app. This allows for them to manage and make strategic decisions as the application pulls in vital flight data, producing a visual and interactive flight planning experience.

Additionally, enhancing in-flight experiences Honeywell’s cockpit communications, voice and safety products which keep pilots connected with data and to air traffic control in locations where typical high-frequency radios will not provide an efficient way to communicate with air traffic control. GoDirect Weather gives pilots real-time weather data along their flight path, enabling them to plan the safest and most efficient routes and adjust routes accordingly. 

Honeywell’s GoDirect Fuel Efficiency software helps collect, analyze and share data for operators to help them optimize fuel efficiency across a fleet. Additionally, GoDirect Ground Handling is a mobile and web-based solution for users at the gate and the operations centre provides pilots with the tools to accurately align aircraft components in an all-inclusive system. This results in greater operational efficiency and better integration with other airports and airline systems.

Honeywell’s JetWave satellite connectivity hardware enables aircraft to connect to Inmarsat’s GX Ka-band satellite network service to provide reliable, high-speed broadband that makes these services possible. With these services and Honeywell’s software expertise, we deliver immediate wireless solutions and upgrades to modernize the aviation industry.

For more information about the GoDirect suite of services, please visit GoDirect Cabin Connectivity


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