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Airbus’ and Etihad Airways Engineering’s joint A380 MRO Services offering commences operations in Abu Dhabi

posted on Nov 10, 2017

Work is starting on the first A380 “six-year” C-check for a third-party customer airline at Airbus’ and Etihad Airways Engineering’s joint A380 MRO Services offering in Abu Dhabi. The aircraft, A380 MSN072 belonging to Lufthansa, arrived at the end of October, and following an initial inspection phase, is getting ready to undergo the heavy check at Etihad’s state-of-the-art heavy maintenance facility. The extensive work scope, which includes major structural checks and incorporation of the mandatory Service Bulletins, is supported by an onsite Airbus technical advisory team.

First agreed last year, this joint services collaboration materializes Etihad Airways Engineering’s recently announced membership of the international “Airbus MRO Alliance”, while for airlines it establishes OEM-backed third-party A380 maintenance, engineering and embodiment capabilities in Abu Dhabi, delivering efficient turnkey solutions under one roof. During the actual heavy maintenance visit, Airbus Customer Services provides technical advisory, logistical support and planning optimisation managed by a dedicated on-site expert team, allowing minimised downtime of the aircraft.

*Source: Airbus Press Office



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