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Raytheon UK salutes the Royal Air Force with sponsorship support of RAF100 programmes

posted on Mar 26, 2018

LONDON, (March 26, 2018) – The Royal Air Force’s celebration of its 100th anniversary – RAF100 – will be proudly supported by Raytheon UK as the primary sponsor of the 2018 RAF Engineering Challenge, and as the technical sponsor of the RAF100 Baton Relay. Both programmes are aligned with Raytheon’s role in supporting the RAF in defence of the nation and its allies.

The Engineering Challenge is designed to generate interest in the RAF and inspire young people to consider careers in science, technology, engineering and maths, collectively known as STEM. The Baton Relay will commemorate 100 years of the RAF by transporting the baton to 100 locations in the United Kingdom and around the globe with current or historical RAF connections. The baton will stop at RAF Waddington, Lincolnshire, where Raytheon UK supports the Sentinel aircraft, and Broughton, North Wales, where the company performs systems integration work for the Airborne Stand-Off Reconnaissance, or ASTOR, programme.

Raytheon UK has also made a financial contribution to the RAF100 Appeal, a joint venture between the Royal Air Force and four major RAF charities.

“Many of Raytheon’s 1,600 employees in the U.K. work right alongside the RAF every day to support and maintain their aircraft and weapons systems,” said Richard Daniel, Raytheon UK chief executive and managing director. "Sponsoring these two important events is just part of Raytheon’s overall support of the RAF on its 100th birthday.”

Raytheon’s relationship with the RAF dates back to the late 1930s when the A.C. Cossor Company, acquired by Raytheon in 1961, developed the radar receiver for the Chain Home defence system and its associated radio communications network, which subsequently provided invaluable support to the RAF’s out-numbered pilots during the Battle of Britain.

Today, Raytheon continues to support the U.K. armed forces with intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft, such as Sentinel and Shadow, and weapons systems carried by the RAF’s Tornado, Typhoon and F-35 aircraft.

“Raytheon has a long and distinguished history of supporting the Royal Air Force,” said RAF Air Commodore Richard Barrow, head of the Air Staff. “We value our relationship with Raytheon as an industry partner and are grateful for the company’s partnership on RAF100.”

*Source: Raytheon UK 



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