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CAE to develop Joint Multinational Simulation Centre for Gulf Cooperation Council customer

posted on May 2, 2018

CAE to provide comprehensive constructive simulation solution for command and staff training

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - May 2, 2018) - (NYSE:CAE)(TSX:CAE) - CAE today announced it was awarded a contract from a Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) customer to develop a Joint Multinational Simulation Centre.

As part of the contract, CAE will be providing the GlobalSim constructive simulation system.  GlobalSim combines the Joint Theater-Level Simulation (JTLS) from Rolands & Associates with CAE's GESI as an integrated constructive simulation for command and staff training.

At the Joint Multinational Simulation Centre, commanders and operators from the Army, Air Force, Navy and Staff Colleges will use GlobalSim to conduct military training from the tactical to strategic level of operations. The constructive simulation system will be used to prepare commanders, officers and staff to make timely, informed and intelligent decisions across the full spectrum of operations.  The Joint Multinational Simulation Centre will be designed to be used for military training between allied nations.

"We are very pleased to be selected to lead the development of the Joint Multinational Simulation Centre," said Ian Bell, CAE's Vice President and General Manager, Middle East/Asia-Pacific.  "The combination of our GESI system with JTLS offers the most comprehensive constructive simulation system available for command and staff training and decision support." 

The combination of R&A's JTLS and CAE's GESI brings together a theater-level constructive simulation (JTLS) with a high-resolution, entity-level constructive simulation (GESI) to create a comprehensive federation that offers command leadership a single, realistic, multi-resolution view of the complete operational environment.

*Source: CAE


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