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ICAO and Quebec forge new agreement on diplomatic arrangements

posted on Aug 2, 2018

Montréal, 2 August 2018 – ICAO and the Government of the Province of Quebec formalized a new agreement on 26 June 2018 covering the rights and privileges of the thousands of foreign diplomats who annually visit or maintain long-term Delegations at the UN agency’s Montréal Headquarters.  

The new understanding was signed by the Secretary General of ICAO, Dr. Fang Liu, and by Québec’s Minister of International Relations and La Francophonie, Ms. Christine St-Pierre, at a special ceremony at ICAO. The President of the Council of ICAO, many Representatives on the Council of ICAO, including the Representative of Canada,  were in attendance, as were the agreement’s principal negotiators Mr. Éric Théroux, Assistant Deputy Minister of Quebec for the Fight Against Climate Change, and Mr. Benoît Verhaegen, Senior ICAO External Relations and Legal Officer.

“Our Organization, its Member States, and the various categories of diplomatic and other senior officials who call Quebec their home, are very grateful for the immunities and other privileges you have extended to us by virtue of this new agreement,” declared Secretary General Liu.

“As we now move forward together, into what should be an exciting but also demanding future for public sector leaders, ICAO and its important international community and guests will look forward to the productive partnerships and sustainable success that this new Understanding with Quebec will help us to establish.”

“ICAO is the largest international organization in Québec. For more than 70 years, it has evolved and developed in symbiosis with the city that has become its natural home: Montréal. Its presence in Montréal has contributed in attracting to the Québec metropolis many international organizations and companies working in this sector. With nearly 200 companies, plus 40,000 high value-added workers and world-class research centres, ICAO contributes to the vitality of Montréal's aerospace cluster and to the Québec economy. The conclusion of this new agreement with ICAO adds to the numerous efforts put forward by the Québec government to attract and maintain international organizations on its territory,” added Minister St-Pierre.

ICAO has been Headquartered in Montréal since 1946. The Province of Quebec’s longstanding support has facilitated the efforts of the Organization to foster the safe, secure and sustainable development of global civil aviation in ICAO’s 192 member States.

*Source: ICAO


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