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Closer cooperation in Hungarian civil and military air navigation service provision

posted on Feb 12, 2019

Budapest, February 12, 2019 - Cooperation agreement was signed today by Tibor Benkő, Hungarian Defence Minister and Kornél Szepessy, CEO of HungaroControl Hungarian Air Navigation Services.

From now on Hungarian civil and military air navigation is envisioning tighter cooperation in aeronautical information, aviation safety, airspace control, research and development and professional training. According to today’s agreement, infrastructure used by air traffic control of the two institutions will be also harmonized and where possible integrated, and the national interests are represented in a coordinated way on the international arena in the future. Parties are also commited to coordinate human resources plans to make noteworthy progress of air navigation.

The partnership between Ministry of Defence and HungaroControl in the field of airspace control and air navigation services have a decade-long history.

Tibor Benkő, Defence Minister said: “The Hungarian Defence Forces are focusing on the implementation of the so called Zrínyi 2026 Defence and Army Development Program. Today's agreement with HungaroControl greatly helps to enhance Hungarian defence capabilities ”.

"With the strengthened partnership of the Defence Ministry and HungaroControl, the safety of all passengers in the Hungarian airspace can be guaranteed even better.", he added.

“The success of the bilateral partnership so far can be proved by a number of facts. In the recent past, ATCO staff of the three Hungarian military airbases attended different training courses provided by HungaroControl: 34 military officers participated in 3D tower simulations, flight safety and flow management training in the last year, ”said Kornél Szepessy, CEO of HungaroControl. "With this partnership agreement, we elaborate our common history, which has been defined as a close, professional, goal-oriented cooperation for more than 25 years," he added.

Source: HungaroControl


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