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My trip to Concourse D at Dubai International

posted on Feb 15, 2016

By Fares Bou Daher | Published: 14th February 2016

Concourse D


Like other thousands of UAE residents, I had the chance to be one of the volunteers “as passengers” to test the readiness of the new Concourse D of Dubai International Airport.

My journey started on February 6, 2016 at 8:15 A.M. when I parked my car at the trial designated free-parking area at Terminal 3 Parking E; I took the lift to the registration Group Check-in facility at Terminal 3 departure level where other volunteers were gathering in a queue to receive their security passes.

The airport staff was ready and well organized to manage the crowd; designated check-in counters were allocated to different volunteers according to their registration numbers.

It was only a few minutes until almost all volunteers obtained their security passes, crossed the check-in counters where they were supplied with information guides, boarding passes, light refreshments, and food coupons to be redeemed at Concourse D outlets.

Plenty of buses were in line ready to pick volunteers up from Terminal 3 and drop them at Terminal 1, where other airport staff had been allocated for greeting and guidance.

Like all other passengers traveling from Terminal 1, I crossed the security check point to reach the spacious modern elevated rail connecting Terminal 1 to Concourse D.

Concourse D

I arrived at Concourse D and was met with the glorious sight of the state-of-the-art facility with a huge duty free shopping area, food and beverage outlets, including casual dining concepts from various international famous brands; it also featured different VIP airline lounges, Al Majlis luxury lounge, Marhaba VIP lounge, and Dubai International Hotel lounges.

Concourse D

Concourse D

Concourse D

A couple of hours were not enough to visit the whole facility, taste delicious food, enjoy shopping at the duty free, and take advantage of the special discounts given to all volunteers.

From the waiting area, it took only a few steps to reach the boarding counters, where we proceeded with our journey back to Terminal 1.

The journey ended at Terminal 3, where all the volunteers were awarded with valuable gifts from Dubai Airports.

I was glad and delighted to take this journey, to be one of those volunteers, and to witness this great expansion at Dubai International Airport.

Thank you to all the airport team, thank you to Dubai International, and thank you Dubai.

Visit Dubai Airports Website for facility details http://www.dubaiairports.ae/corporate/media-centre/fact-sheets/detail/concourse-d-terminal-1  

By Fares Bou Daher | Published: 14th February 2016





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