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Munich Airport Presents Public Viewings of Euro 2016 Matches

posted on Jun 17, 2016

Stadium experience between the runways: Munich Airport presents public viewings of Euro 2016 matches on giant screen

Munich Airport Presents Public Viewings of Euro 2016 Matches

After the huge success of the outdoor viewing events for the 2014 World Cup and Euro 2012, Munich Airport is again creating an authentic stadium experience for this year's European Championship:  For the entire tournament, from June 10 through to July 10, 2016, a section of the Munich Airport Center (MAC) has again been converted into an "Airport Arena". All matches will be shown live on the 41 square meter (450 sq.ft.) LED screen mounted on the Meta Twist Tower. The 2,000-seat grandstand will give fans an excellent view while cheering on their heroes.

For matches involving the German squad, regularly priced tickets will be available online for five euros or for seven euros at the airport. Tickets for children 3–6 years of age and persons with mobility restrictions will cost three euros. For all other Euro 2016 matches, admission to the Airport Arena is free of charge. Tickets for the Germany matches can be reserved online and picked up no later than one hour before kickoff (reservation confirmation required). Fans can also purchase tickets at any time at the airport service center or at the box office starting four hours before the opening whistle. To ensure a safe and enjoyable viewing experience, staff will limit the number of spectators entering the venue.

Please find attached a photo of the “Airport Arena” (Photographer: Florian Schmid, Copyright: Munich Airport). 

Media Source: Munich Airport



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