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Ideagen launch version of mobile Q-Pulse Reporting app for Android

posted on Jun 30, 2016


Governance, risk and compliance software firm, Ideagen, has released a version of its popular mobile reporting app for Android.

Q-Pulse Reporting, currently available on iOS, will satisfy “overwhelming” customer demand with the move to the Android platform.

The app will be the first from Ideagen’s mobile suite made available on a platform other than iOS, with Q-Pulse Docs and Q-Pulse Audit planned for release later in the year.

Ideagen’s Product Manager for Q-Pulse, Paul Callaghan, said: “It gives me great pleasure to announce that Ideagen will be launching Q-Pulse Reporting on Android for the first time.

“Since the release of our apps – Q-Pulse Docs, Q-Pulse Audit and Q-Pulse Reporting – for the iPad, we have received countless requests from customers keen for us to create versions for other platforms.

“With this announcement, it shows that we are an organisation that listens to its customers and one that is willing to take steps in doing everything we can to help them meet and exceed expectations when it comes to quality, safety and compliance management.”

As well as Q-Pulse Reporting being available on Android, there will also be an enhanced release of Q-Pulse Reporting for iOS – which will now include iPhone capability.

Paul added: “We are also excited to announce an enhanced version of the app for our iOS users. The latest version will extend the reporting app to include iPhone capability, strengthening the product’s original iPad functionality and enhancing the overall user experience for our iOS customers.”

Q-Pulse Reporting makes the task of capturing data and information easier by combining the power of Q-Pulse’s reporting module with the functionality and mobility of a mobile device. The app allows users to download reporting forms from Q-Pulse, removing the need for paperwork, and ensuring access to reports that are specific to job roles.

The move to Android is the latest extension of Ideagen’s Q-Pulse quality and safety management software product. The company initially extended its reach to mobile in 2011 when launching its series of mobile apps on Apple’s iPad, allowing users to carry out key quality and compliance related tasks on the move.

The Q-Pulse software, used extensively across the globe by organisations operating in highly regulated industries, allows organisations to manage quality and safety and comply with a variety of global standards and regulations.

Ideagen’s Chief Executive Officer, David Hornsby, said: “Since their development and release, our apps have been used by established organisations across a number of highly regulated industries such as aviation, healthcare, life sciences and manufacturing.

“Personally, this is a great move for Ideagen and I am particularly excited by this development. By extending the apps onto Android, we are exposing more organisations to the benefits that mobile brings to their SMS, IMS and QMS efforts.”

*Source: Ideagen



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