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Energy-saving Dynamic Storage system from Interroll to be installed at Nongshim Baeksansu distribution center

posted on Jul 10, 2015

Shanghai, China – Sant’Antonino, Switzerland, 10 July 2015. Nongshim Engineering contracted Interroll to supply a complete set of Pallet Flow modules and safety equipment for the Nongshim distribution center which is part of the Baeksansu Phase I expansion project in Yanbian, Jiling province, China, nearby Changbai Mountains.

The Baeksansu Phase I project, which was inaugurated in June 2014, is to build up the most modern bottling operation with a yearly production capacity of 1 million tons of mineral water. This is an important milestone for Nongshim Group which aims to become a global company in the food industry.

“The Interroll Dynamic Storage system is frequently used in industries with fast moving goods and also well accepted by many bottling companies. Their FIFO principle is a very smart way to ensure short shelf life goods going out first. This is very important to any food producer. However, this is not the only reason why we choose Interroll. Another important consideration is how to deal with the extremely cold weather in Yanbian and our corporate strategy of becoming environmental friendly.”, commented by Mr. Chris Lee, Executive Director of Business Development of Nongshim Engineering. “We are very much looking forward to this new distribution center of Baeksansu Phase I project turning real.”

The Interroll Dynamic Storage system is well recognized as an energy-saving storage system at amongst others bottling companies. Dynamic Storage solutions are characterized by their lane structure and work according to the “incline” principle, i.e. the movement of the pallets is actually generated by gravity. In other words it’s zero energy consumption and doesn’t cause any impact to the environment. Due to their lane structure, Interroll Dynamic Storage systems can achieve maximum throughput with a minimum use of space. What’s more, this system offers high system availability and flexibility as it can be easily adapted for future market needs.

Another highlight of this system is the use of the Interroll Magnetic Speed Controller and Interroll Safety Separator with end-stopper control and gap control which allow maximum operation safety and highest throughput even in a very cold environment. That is another reason for bottling companies who want to produce healthy and high quality mineral water to choose Interroll technology.

The highly automated Baeksansu distribution center provides a total of 7,054 pallet positions for FIFO (first in, first out) pallet flow storage. The buffer storage section has 5,864 pallet positions with 528 gravity lanes accommodating 13 pallets each and two Safety Separators for maximum pallet handling safety.

“Most important for us is to understand our customers’ real needs and to provide the solutions with the highest value add for them.”, commented Dr. Ben Xia, Executive Vice President Asia of Interroll. “Numerous Interroll Dynamic Storage applications have been installed until now worldwide. We are very happy to share our knowledge and experience with our customers and have the chance to help them to grow steadily.”

Nongshim choose Changbai Mountains to set up their bottling operation as this is the third best resource for mineral water just after the Alp Mountains and Caucasus mountains.

In 2013, Interroll has supplied a Dynamic Storage system to Pearlwater, a company of the European famous retailer Coop, Switzerland, which has a bottling facility next to the Alp Mountains.



Petra Müller

Interroll (Schweiz) AG

Head of PR and Investor Relations

Via Gorelle 3 │ 6592 Sant'Antonino │ Switzerland

+41 91 850 25 21




Press Release "Energy-saving Dynamic Storage system from Interroll to be installed at Nongshim Baeksansu distribution center" (PDF)

"The Nongshim Baeksansu project" (PICTURE)

"Two stacked-up pallets dispatched by Interroll Pallet Flow" (PICTURE)

Interroll Profile

The Interroll Group is a worldwide leading producer of high-quality key products and services for internal logistics. The company offers a broad product range in the four product groups “rollers”, “drives”, “conveyors & sorters” and “pallet & carton flow” to around 23,000 customers around the world. Core industries are courier, parcel and postal services, airports, food processing industry as well as distribution centers and other industries. Interroll products are in daily use at amongst others well-known global brands such as Amazon, Bosch, Coca-Cola, Coop, DHL, FedEx, Peugeot, PepsiCo, Procter & Gamble, Siemens, Walmart and Yamaha. Interroll is engaged in global research projects for logistics efficiency and actively supports industry associations in developing standards. Headquartered in Sant’Antonino, Switzerland, Interroll operates a worldwide network of 31 companies with around 1,800 employees. The company was founded in 1959. The Interroll Group has been listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange and included in the SPI index since 1997.


Nongshim Group Profile

Nongshim is a famous Korean food producer for instant noodles, snacks, instant rice products and fruit juices. The company aims to gain KRW 3 trillion in sales and KRW 300 billion in ordinary profits by 2015, the 50th anniversary since their establishment.


Interroll (Schweiz) AG
P.O. Box 566 - Via Gorelle 3
CH-6592 Sant'Antonino
Tel: +41 91 850 25 25




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